The foods you eat could be causing inflammation.

Inflammation sufferers, put your hands up ✋

Did you know that most of our inflammation issues are actually from the foods we consume?

You would be surprised just how many ways foods can cause inflammation. There are the *obvious* ones, such as processed foods and fast food, but did you know that many foods made with “vegetable” oils, grains and legumes can also cause inflammation.

This are all very high in omega 6 fatty acids. Excess consumption of omega 6 fatty acids has been linked to cell inflammation.

Interesting right?

Even more interesting is foods that are less common to be the “culprit’ such as multi grain breads and low fat dairy products.

Then we have the nightshades, did you know that nightshades can cause havoc on the gut and keep you up all night in discomfort?

What are nightshades?

Tomatoes, white potato, eggplants and capsicum- Crazy right! It seems complicated, and maybe in a way it is. But to feel like the best version of you, it may be worth looking at an elimination protocol to see what causes you issues.

I highly recommened the AIP protocol. It may be challenging at times but it’s so worth it. Not all is gloomy, there are some incredible and tasty foods and recipes you can still enjoy, all the while looking after your health. As you know, I am here for you for any questions or help you need and I have some exciting things in the works for you! Amy xx

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