Episode 108: Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, Babies & Postpartum

If you are currently pregnant, this episode is for you! I’m covering pregnancy, birth and postpartum care, including some simple tools to help you through each phase.

I’ve compiled some of the tools and learnings that helped me on my journey with my 3 babies — all completely different births; from a mentally traumatic first birth to an empowered hospital birth, and then finally a beautiful home birth with just hubby and I present — and share these with you!

Each woman — and each pregnancy, delivery and postpartum experience — is different, and the journey to becoming a mama is a huge transition and oftentimes overwhelming. Hopefully, utilising essential oils helps make the journey a little easier for you!

What You’ll Learn

  • Nourishment during pregnancy

  • Morning sickness, and the essential oils & resources you can use to support yourself

  • Using essential oils to combat common pregnancy complaints, including constipation, fatigue, insomnia and restless legs

  • Preparing for birth, and which essential oils can help you to get labour ready

  • How I used essential oils for newborn and breastfeeding support, and why you should go low-tox when it comes to common baby care products

  • The importance of allowing yourself kindness as you undergo the huge transition that is becoming a mama!


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Links & Resources

‘Real Food for Pregnancy’ by Lily Nichols

‘The First 40 Days’ by Heng Ou

My blog post on ‘How to Prepare for a Home Birth‘ which includes information on how to have an empowered birth regardless of your birth choices

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