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Episode 105: Using Whole Foods and Trusting Your Body

On Episode 105 of the Uplevel Your Life podcast, I spoke with the lovely Sheridan Austin. Sheridan is a qualified Nutritionist and Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner, and the founder of Foraged For You, a range of supplements created without synthetic ingredients, additives or flavours that most traditional supplements contain.

We spoke about how Sheridan began on her journey, and she reflected back to when she was 18 years old living in Wales, working as a sports assistant teacher at a boarding school. She said that initially, she was not putting a huge amount of thought into what she was putting into what foods she was putting into her body, but then halfway through the school year noticed that her clothes were no longer fitting her the same way. Sheridan began reflecting on what she was eating through the lens of calories, nutrients and vitamins and her perspective shifted. She shared that she had always held an interest and curiosity around food, and enrolled in a Nutritionist course whilst still in Wales. Upon her return to Australia, she began working with a close friend’s mum who was a business owner which helped her gain valuable insight into the ways that she was able to use food as a tool to help heal her body, by way of being conscious of her nutritional intake. After falling pregnant, another space was opened up for her to learn about prenatal care, and an even stronger connection with real foods and natural ingredients was forged. 

We then spoke about the culture surrounding synthetic vitamins, and in particular prenatal vitamins often prescribed and recommended by GPs. Sheridan explained that we’ve been told by society for a long time now that we are unable to produce healthy children without these synthetic nutrients, yet 35,000 years ago homo sapiens were able to hunt and gather foods that met their nutritional requirements which is an interesting point to consider.  

Sheridan spoke about Foraged For You, the pre-natal certified organic capsules that she has created. Sheridan said that when it came to the products she wanted to produce, she drew inspiration from her own diet during pregnancy where she was eating nutrient-rich foods such as liver, kelp and camu camu, and wanted to build a product that would provide these same health benefits in a convenient and cost-effective manner. She stressed how she was passionate about not cutting corners, and her ultimate goal was to curate a pure health product.

In particular, we chatted about liver and its incredible nutrient-dense properties. Sheridan shared that it’s often frowned upon by medical professionals in today’s society for pregnant women to consume liver as it is said to contain too much Vitamin A, and believes this was derived from an older study where women were prescribed synthetic Vitamin A which caused a small number of birth defects. She believes that rules of this sort are often not revisited by medical professionals and are treated as gospel, and emphasized that though natural Vitamin A is hugely beneficial for pregnant women, it’s crucial to practice due diligence while sourcing it.

Thank you so much, Sheridan, for this wonderful chat!


About Sheridan Austin

Sheridan Joy Austin is a speaker, nutrition consultant, recipe creator and writer. She is a qualified holistic Nutritionist and a certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) practitioner, whereby she uses food as medicine to support health and vitality. Through further constant personal research, she has since freed herself from many of the symptoms that were robbing her of a life filled with energy, vitality, confidence and excitement. 
The body’s intelligence is overwhelmingly intriguing and impressive, therefore she has a strong passion to assist those that have been told that their health will continue to decline or that they need to live with their symptoms forever. She believes nature has everything worked out perfectly, and if we become in tune with our instincts, stop silencing our symptoms and begin to listen, question everything and begin to love and respect ourselves, then the process can be enjoyable, and worth it. 


What You’ll Learn

The importance of questioning the information around us, and being intuitive with what we choose for ourselves

Synthetic isolated nutrients – what’s the right choice?

How to navigate pre-natal vitamins when TTC, and taking stock of our existing diets before adding anything else into the mix

The incredible nutritional benefits of liver

Ways to sneak in extra nutrients into our kids’ diets


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