Product recommendations

Looking for quality products to support your lifestyle?

Here are some of my favourite products, all of which my family and I use and love!

I only share, recommend and align with products I’m genuinely passionate about. And, even better? I’ve even been able to score some discount codes for my community, which can save you some $ if you purchase some of them too!

Hover over the images to learn more, and see discount codes + my links.

Please note that I may receive compensation if you purchase one of the below-recommended products, which supports the work I do around educating the importance of lowering your toxic load.


ZenCleanz is a leading cleanse company offering 100% Natural, Plant-Based Enzyme Detox Products & Nutrition.
Top pick-.The rainbow deep intestinal+liver cleanse

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Improve how you look, feel, sleep & recover! With thousands of happy customers since 2019, Infraredi has a range of professional targeted and full-body infrared devices.

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Kooee! Jerky

KOOEE! products are crafted with only the finest 100% organic grass-fed, pasture-raised beef. High in protein, their jerky is made with only honest, natural ingredients – and nothing else.

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Reduce your blue light exposure to improve sleep, reduce eye strain, and maintain optimal health with BlockBlueLight’s range of science-backed blue light-blocking glasses!

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Melissa Kupsch Homeopathy

Melissa’s homoeopathic first aid kits (each in beautiful timber boxes) contain 20 of the most commonly prescribed remedies for acute ailments.

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Solidteknics is Australia’s only 100% made AND owned production cookware. Non-synthetic, sustainable and toxic coating-free.

I absolutely love that Solidteknics are committed to a healthier future!

Loop Earplugs

Loop creates innovative earplugs to that look and feel great! Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty. Being so passionate about quality sleep, I love mine!

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Australian-owned, Nutraviva sells the highest grade of premium collagen and gelatin products sourced from clean, natural environments. I love the pure range, which is free from additives!

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Part & Parcel

Shop Australian-made, organic and sustainable pantry staples at up to 30% off the retail price! Every shop is home delivered completely plastic-free.

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Waters Co

Waters Co Bio Filters have been leading filtration technology since 1984! Their filters remove up to 99.9% of known tap water contaminants.

I am SO passionate about alkaline, ionised mineral water, and love my Waters Co filter!

Peace Lily Mattresses

Handcrafted from latex and organic cotton, Peace Lily really is Australia’s Most Natural Mattress.

Non-toxic, posture supportive, naturally cooling, sustainable, and durable – it’s a yes from me!


Korganika aims to help all of its customers live the healthiest lives possible with ancient remedies. I absolutely adore their Black Seed Oil and Onyx Drops!

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Living Acres

Living Acres – a fully regenerative farm in NSW – provides high-quality, nutrient-dense 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, and home deliver for free around Aus!

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If you are wanting to get started with essential oils to help you support your family naturally,
I recommend the Family Essentials or Home Essentials kits as the best places to start.

Not only do you get my support and resources when you purchase through me, but you also
receive a starter pack discount of more than 25% off.

This also gives you access to your own wholesale account to purchase additional oils in future
at wholesale prices at any time you need!