Episode 109: Pleasure in Motherhood

For Episode 109 of Uplevel Your Life, I was joined by lovely Regan Figg, who, like me, is also a mum to three wildlings. Regan is a self-proclaimed Pleasure Preneur and helps women, especially mothers, know, own and claim their desires and helps them lead pleasure-filled lives.

To hear about Regan’s story and our empowering conversation around balancing motherhood and pleasure, listen to Episode 109 now!

About Regan Figg

Regan Figg is a coach and published author, self-proclaimed Pleasurepreneur, NLP practitioner, podcast host, mum to three wildlings and wife to one very relaxed dude. She loves ocean swims (especially if naked), a good coffee, sleeping in past 6am, and kitchen dance parties. Regan helps women, especially mothers, know, own and claim their desires and lead pleasure-filled lives caring for kids, building businesses, and doing their work in the world.

In 2016, Regan was diagnosed with perinatal mood disorders during her son’s first year earthside. As a former exercise physiologist, yoga and meditation teacher, and health and wellness coach, Regan was shocked at how much she struggled to look after herself in motherhood. Today, Regan shares the invaluable tools she developed to not just cope with motherhood but to relish it.

You can access her embodied wisdom through her podcast, The Pleasure Collective, in her regular Instagram lives, through one on one private mentoring, group journeys, and within her new book, A Mother’s Pleasure.

What You’ll Learn

Preconceived ideas around motherhood, and how Regan views motherhood as a place for opportunity

Cultivating and prioritising pleasure and self-care as a mother

The art of receiving, and how we as women can reframe our views on receiving

Staying devoted to your desires and focused on your business as a mother, and how to avoid feeling as though you’re “drowning in motherhood”

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