The best way to order your oils.

If you want to get started with essential oils, you’ve come to the right place. The steps below will show you how to buy doTERRA oils at wholesale prices. Purchase what you want, when you want. When you place an order, you get access to all my essential oil how-to eBooks, supportive Facebook groups and even a one-on-one with me to show you the best ways to use your new oils.

Simply follow the below steps to start your order or watch my video if you prefer personal instructions from myself.

STEP 1. Click the following link:

STEP 2. Click ‘Join & Save’ in the top menu

STEP 3. You will be prompted to choose your country and language and click on ‘continue’. 

STEP 4. Select ‘Local Order’ and then you will need to click ‘continue’. 

STEP 5. Opt for ‘Wholesale Customer’ if your oils are for personal use. Or if you’re interested in sharing essential oils as part of my business opportunity, choose ‘Wellness Advocate’.

STEP 6. You will then be directed to the Starter Packs Page where you can view all the kits.

STEP 7. Once you have selected your Starter Pack and added to cart, you can review your selection, change and/or add any additional products you desire.

STEP 8. Click ‘continue’ and then you will be brought to the personal information page. 

STEP 9. You will then need to click ‘continue’ and then you will be prompted to fill out all of your personal information. At ‘Enroller ID’ please enter my number: 1625269 and click verify (it should then show Amy Innes once you have verified).

STEP 10. Review your cart, add payment details and checkout. 

STEP 11. Welcome to the Healthy Home Hub! You will soon receive your welcome emails and exclusive new member benefits from me!

Unsure at any stage?

All your questions are answered in the FAQ’s below and also send me a message and I can personally walk you through it all and help you work out the most cost effective option for you.

Order FAQ's

Is there a membership fee?

You have two options to purchase:

1. Get started with your membership for only $35.

You then get 25% off all products for the remainder of the year. The second year it reduces to $25 but you receive a free bottle of Peppermint essential oil. Choose any oils you’d like from the product guide or price list (be sure to look at the wholesale prices), as well as the ‘$35 Introductory Welcome Packet’ as this the membership pack.

2. The most intelligent and cost effective way to get started is to purchase an enrolment kit.

You save LOTS by purchasing an enrolment kit, and your $35 membership fee will be waived too! This is the most value for money in getting started. See some of my recommended enrolment kits below.

Do I have to purchase an enrolment kit?

No you may purchase single oils. However, you save LOTS by purchasing an enrolment kit, and your $35 membership fee will be waived. 

What enrolment kits do you recommend?

I recommend starting with a doTERRA kit to experience their oils and products as they provide the most value for money. 

Here are some great starter kits:

  • Sale
  • Sale
  • Sale
  • Sale

I’m not from Australia. How do I order?

If you are based outside Australia, the same ordering process applies – but your price list and enrolment kits will differ. Please find your correct pricing below. If your country is not listed reach out and I can help you.


Download this eBook for detailed information about our essential oils and how to get started.