Melissa Kupsch: The Revival of Homeopathy

Episode 107: The Revival of Homeopathy

In Episode 107 of Uplevel Your Life, I had the pleasure of having a wonderful chat with Melissa Kupsch – a passionate homeopath who specializes in women’s fertility and children’s health, and is known for bringing the power to heal back into the home with her homoeopathic first aid kits.

We spoke about how she began her journey towards homeopathy, and Melissa shared with me a story about how when she was 2 years into her university studies, she had a lecturer that was a qualified homeopath that told Melissa he thought she would enjoy the topic also. Melissa thought nothing of it until her sister, who had been chronically unwell and in and out of hospital for years, was in a condition which continued to deteriorate. With a father who was a GP all avenues of Western medicine had been explored, and her family was desperate to help alleviate her sister of her illnesses. Melissa’s lecturer once again brought up the idea of homeopathy, and with nothing to lose Melissa agreed to bring her sister along to a consult with him where she was prescribed some drops that within days had relieved her sister’s symptoms and drastically improve her quality of life. Melissa was immediately drawn into homeopathy, did some research and eventually transferred her degree over and completed her Honors in the science.  

Melissa explained what homeopathy is at its core, an energetic system of medicine where the right energy is directed through our bodies to heal a symptom or ailment. She elaborated on homeopathic medicine and how it works, explaining that treatments are made in homeopathic pharmacies using solutions that have been diluted and succussed so it’s safe to ingest, but where the substance still maintains its energetic frequency. Homeopathy’s main principle is “like cures like”, where the correct remedy is selected to treat the symptoms it coincides with. One example Melissa gave was homeopathy remedies available for women who are coming off the pill, which can assist in stimulating and re-sync their menstrual cycle.

We then spoke about the broader conditions homeopathy can assist to heal. Melissa talked about her homeopathic first aid kit, which can be kept at home and used to treat everyday ailments such as fevers and flus. She also explained that homeopathy can benefit those experiencing struggle in the mental and emotional sphere, as anxiety and trauma have the capacity to leave a deep mark on our bodies and intervene in unwelcome and unexpected ways. Homeopathy has the capability to recalibrate these systems and provide a well-rounded approach to internal and external wellness.

To hear more about Melissa’s story, homeopathy, and how it may benefit you, listen to Episode 107 now!


About Melissa Kupsch

Fertility and Women’s Health are considered some of the most emotionally raw and challenging areas of medicine in our world today.
Melissa is a qualified Homeopathic Practitioner with a keen interest in Women’s and Children’s Health as well as Natural Fertility currently working at the Maia Mothers Clinic.
Melissa is also known for her work in bringing the power to heal back into the home with the homeopathic first aid kits for families.
Having graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Medicine in 2015 and since completing a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Homeopathy, Melissa is backed with a wealth of knowledge to help clients address their health concerns & boost fertility to achieve healthy pregnancies.


What You’ll Learn

What homeopathy is and how it utilizes energetic vibrations

How important it is to look at “the whole person” when treating an ailment

The origins of homeopathy, by founder Samuel Hahnemann

How homeopathic treatments are made

Homeopathic remedies that can benefit women, especially those experiencing fertility issues


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