Ditch the toxicity from your life and live vibrantly.

Ditch the toxicity from your HOME

Remove the toxins from your home and replace it with natural products, learn the power of essential oils.

Ditch the toxicity from your BODY

Eliminate inflammation and nourish your body through paleo eating and AIP for vibrant health and increased energy.

Ditch the toxicity from your MIND

Declutter your mind and toxic thinking patterns via transformational breathwork, coaching and CTC therapy.

After my CTC session with Amy a week ago I’ve noticed a lightness both physically and emotionally. I didn’t know I’d had a weight until it was lifted. I feel more movement in my mind and my body as a result. This has allowed me space to challenge long held negative and limiting belief systems. I am aware this change will require work before it becomes automatic but I am rewiring my brain and I have tools and a support person in place to support me.


I went into my first CTC session with Amy not knowing really what to expect, what emotions I would feel during or how I would come out of the session…All I can say is wow! Amy assisted to shift my limiting beliefs and fears (known and unknown). My mind is now clearer and I feel like a weight has lifted, all thanks to Amy. No matter the feelings you feel (or even the ones that you don’t know yet are limiting you), Amy will uncover these and help you to move past them. Could not recommend highly enough! Thank you Amy, the impact that you have had on my life is something I am truly grateful for


Thank you so much Amy for our CTC therapy session! You opened me up and made me feel so much lighter and fresher at the end of our session, ready to concur any negativity that may come my way. Only positivity and good vibes for me!! And love putting in the new train of thoughts. I choose happiness and I choose to be positive. I choose to create a life that feels good. I choose to not let anything outside of myself control me ✨ Thank you so much again xxx so much love to you xxx


I was privileged enough to have a CTC session with Amy and I have to say it was life changing. I went in with no idea what it even was but full faith it would be good. Expectations were exceeded! We worked through things I didn't even realise I was hanging onto, I hadn't thought about them for years. This then allowed me to set some health and business goals which Amy then worked into the EFT section and visualisations. I left the session feeling 100% more empowered and confident with the things that I have to deal with. I will definitely be not only recommending Amy to everyone but I'll be back when I need a 'reboot'.


Hi, I’m Amy.

I’m obsessed with helping others to ditch the toxic shit from their homes, minds and lives. I once (which feels like another lifetime) had a high-pressure corporate career, battled with endometriosis and severe inflammation issues and was told that I would never have children. Today I am a happy and healthy mama of two, who is passionate about reducing the toxic load and I am on a mission to help as many women as possible to live vibrantly. As a doTERRA Blue Diamond Leader, mindset and wellness coach and a breathwork facilitator, I am here to show you that you can make your wildest dreams come true no matter the circumstances.

Lives changed

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Learn how anything is possible with the right essential oil

Did you know that essential oils do more than make your house smell nice? You can use them to make a powerful skin serum and smoothen your laugh lines, support you during times of stress or even make a natural window cleaner? Crazy, I know! Whether it’s to improve your health, feel vibrant in your body, sharpen your mind, create a toxin-free home or even make tasty treats, there’s an essential oil for that.

Create a life of financial freedom while making a positive impact

Are you interested in helping others with their health? My big passion for wellness and essential oils lead me to build a successful business helping others with powerful health tools. It has given me the freedom to work from home around my little ones, and I am now helping women all around the globe do the same. I believe in authentically-lead purpose-driven businesses that are making this world a better place.

Join thousands of women who share the same passion to live a healthy and happy life.

Mindset Upgrade for Women who Want it All

If you consider yourself an action taker, growth-obsessed, purpose-driven woman and know that you have a bigger game to play in this world that you are currently showing up for, then my coaching and mentoring program is designed for you. I will help you to bust your limitations and be the fullest expression of yourself.

Breathe through your barriers aka transformational breathwork

I’m a certified Breathwork Facilitator and offer sessions for individuals or in a group setting. Whether you are a newbie to breathwork or already addicted to this magical tool, I can guide you through a process that will help you to release emotional blocks and limitations so that you can feel free and connect with yourself on a deeper level. Breathwork is one of the quickest ways to shift your emotional state, release tension from the body and support your overall wellbeing.