What do we mean when we say functional foods?

Well its simple really. It means they are providing health benefits that are beyond basic nutrition.

For example. PALEO and AIP are based on functional eating because they are focusing on the micronutrient rich foods. Let me break it down for you…functional foods include

? Plant phytochemcials which support the immune system and assist the fight in ageing.

? Dietary fibre such as prebiotic which improves digestion, hormone regulation, and supports a healthy gut.

? Functional Lipids which are omega 3 fatty acids as well as linoleic acid. Helping bone health, brain and cardiovascular health.

? Vitamins and minerals which are SO IMPORTANT for the health of every cell and system in the body.

OK Amy, but this doesn’t really help me….What ARE THESE FOODS?

Seafood, vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, nuts and seeds. These are all foods that have the mega health benefits listed above.

It really isn’t that difficult.

If you are eating whole foods that appear in nature and the only manipulation to said foods is cooking, then you are consuming the nutrients that you need.

This way of eating isn’t a trend. It’s literally how we started eating to begin with.

So fill your plates with those leafy greens, organic grass fed meat, delish seafood and start to feel the way you were made to feel. Like always,

I am here for you. Let’s do this.

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