What is the caveman diet?

Have you ever heard of the Caveman Diet?

It has been a popular term that has been thrown around for a while now. The caveman diet is also know as ancestral diet or the paleo diet or primal diet. The purpose of this way of eating is going back to consuming what is naturally available to us ( what the early humans ate) It has been said that the human body is so mismatched with the modern diet guidelines now which is resulting in health and autoimmune issues.

Although there are recommendations amongst the caveman diet, (some versions such as AIP paleo have deeper focus on healing start off a little more restrictive than a general paleo way of eating) but as a general idea you would consume

? Small amounts of Fruits

? Vegetables

? Nuts and seeds

? Lean meats, especially from grass fed animals

? Fish such as Salmon, Mackerel

? Oils from fruits, nuts

You would avoid consuming Grains Legumes, beans Refined Sugars Salt Potatoes Highly processed foods in general are NO NO.

Those who eat with a Paleo lifestyle generally find they feel so much better, more energy, clarity and less inflammation. Once you are adjusted to a this new way of eating, it’s actually very simple. What is your knowledge of the Caveman/Paleo diet?

Have you tried it?

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