Back to basics

You may know that I am super passionate about nourishing our bodies with the right foods that aren’t going to cause us havoc. It’s no secret that chronic illness is HUGE in our society and when you think about it, not too long ago people were much healthier and most of these illnesses didn’t even exist.

By why?

There are many factors but food we eat today is no where near the same as what was eaten 50-100 years ago. Now, foods are so refined, manipulated and pre-packed and let’s not even start with the amount of additives that have been added.

All of these things added, more complex and overprocessed, less people choosing pure wholefoods resulting in food choices being less nutritious. Society now is choosing what is easy over what is most healthy for us. But let’s think for a moment… we have a choice in this?


We can choose what we put into our bodies. Making healthy choices doesn’t need to be hard and you definitely don’t have to feel like you are missing out. I am so excited to be share more of this with you. Showing you how my family eats and how you can fuel your body without it feeling like a chore.

I choose to eat AIP/Paleo because that’s what works for me and my autoimmune issues. I am so passionate about this topic and I am going to take you on this journey with me so that you can also use these tools to nourish your body and mind.

My business started in 2014 and was actually called Healthy Belly Happy Mind. If you want to hear about all the changes i’m making going forward and why have a watch of this video I am really excited to come back into this space and show you how you can eliminate all the toxic food (plus other things) from your body and home.

I am going to be sharing so much about the things you need to avoid, why you want to avoid them and how you can replace them. These will be simple tools on how to get back to basics that are going to really help with your overall wellbeing so you can start living better and feeling epic.

So things will be changing around here and I am freaking P U M P E D!!

Amy x

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