LRP – How to get more than you pay for with doTERRA (way more!)


Honestly, doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) seriously is the bomb!

You need, need, need to know about this… and understand how it works.

Using LRP saves you money, offers you free oils… and enables you transition to low-tox living quicker.

It’s not tricky––at least it won’t be by the end of this post––just promise me, you’ll keep reading so you can access all the benefits ?


Now, I’m going to say right up here at the beginning:

doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program does NOT lock you into any long-term contract

You can join when you want (online via your account).

And you can leave whenever you want (if you ever want to) – very, very simply by one phone call to customer services. (And they won’t pressure you to stay.)

This is a completely a win-win setup.

It’s incredible.

And yes, I love it… I use it ALL the time and I encourage everyone else to as well, it just makes so much sense.


Something I hear from people occasionally is that doTERRA products are more expensive than other oils in the shop down the road or online.

And if you’ve been thinking those thoughts, you are going to love LRP.

Here’s a blog I wrote about how we get what we pay for in the oily world––Putting doTERRA’s Purity and Transparency to the Test 

BUT actually when you use LRP – you get what you don’t pay for!!!

So, let’s dive in…

What is LRP? And the different ways to win using it…  

1. LRP = Loyalty Rewards Program. And points…

When you order through the LRP program, you’ll receive a number of reward points (these are called PV) for every product you buy. 

Every oil and product is awarded points, the number of which is around 60-90% of the wholesale price of the oil. For example, lemon oil costs $13.50 wholesale, and its PV is 12.50

Initially you receive 10% of the points value, but as you can see from the chart below this increases to a fantastic 30% after 13 months, if you continue to place monthly orders of 50pv or more (but remember there’s NO obligation). And you can use these points against the price of future purchases.

So basically you receive 10-30% off the wholesale cost of the oils –– 25-55% off the retail prices… WOW!


If for one month or more, you don’t want to place an order of 50PV but do want to continue in the program and keep your points, you can just place a smaller order (you only need 1PV or more)  but that month won’t count towards the 3 months needed to rise in % increase discount, (so it will just take longer to reach the 30% discount mark).

2. You get your full shipping costs reimbursed in points.

So, in Australia we get 8PV for our standard shipping costs of $7.95.

3. Product of the month

If you place an order of 125PV or more to be processed and shipped between the 2nd and the 15th of the month, you’ll automatically be sent the free ‘Product of the Month’ oil or product, which is generally worth between $30-$60!

Listen up, don’t miss that…

for spending around $120, you receive a freebie worth $30-$60!!! And each month there’s a new product of the month, making a fantastic, free way to build up your collection.

Seriously, where else do you find that kind of offer?

4. Commission (for anyone who shares the oils with others)

You earn commission (2-7%) when people on your team or below you in your team’s structure make a purchase through LRP.

Here’s an example of how this all fits together

Imagine you enrol in July and in August (month 1) you place an order of 100PV.

You will earn 10% of the 100PV your order accumulated (= 10PV) to use against products in the next 12 months + 8PV for your shipping costs = 18PV in total.

When, and if, you reach the 30% mark, you will be getting 30% of the points for a 100PV order (=30PV)+ the 8PV for shipping. That’s a whopping 38PV towards your future products.

As an example of what that could give you, let’s check out several oils and their PV value:

  • Bergamot : 29
  • Cedarwood : 14.50
  • Clary Sage : 41
  • Frankincense : 77.50

So, when you earn 30 points, you can just add a free bergamot or cedar wood (or any other product 30PV or less) to your next order or save your points until you have more and get maybe a free Frankincense… amazing!

AND if your order exceeds 125PV and is placed before the 15th (and after the 2nd in Australia) you also get your free Product of the Month. You can see why I think it’s incredible!

NO locking-in contract

As I said right at the beginning, it’s super-easy to leave if you want to… it really is just a quick phone call.

It’s definitely worth remembering that if you do leave, you’ll forfeit any points you haven’t spent. And if you rejoin you will go back to the the basic 10% and need to work back up again for the increased discount. So I recommend if you are having a tough month just pop in a toothpaste or one oil to keep it active. Also remember that your shipping will be returned to you in points so works out free long term.

And don’t worry, you’re not stuck with the same things each month… you can, and should be, changing your order each time… and it’s so easy to do so (although some staples like toothpaste may be regular orders).

Last word 

If you have any further questions about LRP just drop them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them for you. But I hope you can see the phenomenal benefits and savings available to you through the LRP program… those beautiful oils just got a whole lot cheaper potentially! x


To buy doTERRA essential oils, click here.

And if you get excited about helping others, want to make a positive impact in the world, and are interested in the doTERRA business opportunity, you can find more on joining the Healthy Happy Life Community here.



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