Using citrus oils safely..

As you probably already know essential oils have many uses, including being beneficial to our skin. Oils such as lavender, lemongrass and geranium have many uses such as maintaining oils levels and soothing the skin. However, when using certain citrus oils, it is important to be careful you are not doing your skin more harm than good. Citrus oils have so many benefits:

They help boost your mood.

By working on the brain’s chemicals and hormones, citrus oils are able to improve your mood and emotional balance.

Kills nasties.

Using citrus oils in your homemade cleaning products to help keep germs and pathogens at bay. You can also clean produce by letting veggies and fruit soak in citrus oils.

Boost your immune strength.

Diffusing citrus oils can help support your immune system! Try 2 drops of wild orange, lime and grapefruit, add a diffuser with some water and let the aroma give you a healthy boost.

Add flavour to your food and drinks.

After checking your citrus oil is safe for internal use, add some zing to your favourite meals!

Helps relieve anxiety.

Added to a diffuser, Lemon can assist in reducing feelings of irritability and anxiousness.

Unfortunately, citrus oils have the potential to damage the skin due to photosensitivity. Photosensitivity is an abnormal increase in the skin’s sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. Some essential oils comprise of furocoumarins, a constituent that can cause this photosensitization of the skin. Bergapten and oxypeucedanin are common furocoumarins. Their chemical structure makes them form cross-links with skin DNA and therefore makes the skin vulnerable to UV radiation, whilst causing a reaction to our skin. These reactions may include blisters, rashes, spots, itching and burning.

Some photosensitive oils include grapefruit, angelica, bergamot, wild orange, lime and tangerine. It it still okay to use oils in the skin! Simply make sure you wait at least 12 hours before exposing your skin to the sun or light.  Photosensitivity only applies to topical use of oils; they do not pose these risks when used internally. For the safety and convenience of doTERRA customers, they have labelled the following essential oils and blends as photosensitive:



doTERRA Breathe

doTerra Cheer

Citrus Bliss


doTERRA Forgive


doTERRA Motivate

doTERRA OnGuard


Slim and Sassy

Sunny Citus



Single Oils:








Wild Orange

Citrus essential oils are a great way to improve you and your families’ health and well-being, just ensure you are using them safely. To get your hands on your own citrus oils head to

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