How the doTERRA business model really works..

Have you ever thought of being your own boss? Having the financial freedom to do what you love? Being able to choose when, where and how you work?

Owning your own doTERRA business just might be for you! But how do you make money? Here are the 5 ways you can make money owning your very own doTERRA Business.

  1.    Fast Start Bonus.

For each person you enrol with a wholesale membership, for the first 60 days, you take away 20% from their orders. You also earn money from your level 2 and 3 personal enrolments. This is paid weekly is a great way to get your business started.

  1.    Power of 3 Bonus.

Every consultant must buy 100pv (Personal Volume) on the loyalty rewards order to receive the Power of Three and commissions.

–    First Level: When you and 3 people in your front line are all ordering 100pv or more per month, you earn a $50 bonus.

–    Second Level: When you and 3 people on your front line have 3 of their own. When they are earning the $50 bonus, you are earning a $250 bonus.

–    Third Level: When your second level have 3 qualified people on their front lines, when each of them earn a $50 bonus, you earn a $1500 bonus.

  1.    Unilevel Commissions.

A monthly, residual income. As your business advances, this becomes the bread and butter of the compensation plan.

  1.    Leadership Pools.

–    Empowerment Bonus: A Wellness Advocate that qualifies as a Premier or Silver and enrols a wellness advocate or wholesale with 100pv a month will have a share in the Empowerment Pool. The shares monthly bonus is equal to the designated pools percentage (1%) multiplied by the Company volume that same month, divided by the number of shares of Wellness Advocates who qualified in the same month. This ends up to being approximately $200 per month.

–    Silver, Gold, Platinum Bonus: Silver will receive 1 share in the Leadership Performance Pool. Gold receives 5 shares in the Pool. Platinum receives 10 shares in the pool.

–    Diamond + Bonus: Each diamond receives 1 share in the diamond performance pool. Blue diamond receives 2 shares in the pool and Presidential Diamond receive 3 shares in the pool.

  1.    Retail Profit.

Being a wellness advocate, you will save 25% off retail price. You can then sell the items at retail price and therefore be making 25%. This can be a great way to get started and is a good option when your customer does not yet want to completely commit to a membership, therefore they simply pay more to make a purchase.

If you like the sound of this, let get it done, together! Let’s make a difference and help thousands of people by sharing natural solutions to better our health. Email me now at [email protected]

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