The best oils for Summer bugs

We all love a night sitting outside on a Summers night with friends and family. But nothing ruins the mood more than the dreaded summer creepy crawlies! Many of us are most likely currently using pest repellents sold commercially which can be effective in the short term, but are full of nasty toxic chemicals! To avoid these chemicals harming you and your family here are some natural ways to keep the critters at bay.


Add 2-3 drops of peppermint and/or tea tree oil to a small spray bottle of water. Shake and spray around the affected areas. You can also soak cotton wool balls with the oils and place in affected areas.


Flies are averse to eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and most of all, lemon grass. Heat up 120 mls of water, add 20 drops lemongrass oil and spray around windows and doors. Spraying the kitchen countertops and cupboard can help prevent fruit flies making your house their home.


Add 40 drops of a combination of lemon, peppermint, tea tree, clove, eucalyptus, geranium, lavender and lemongrass to 500mls of water and 1-2 tablespoons of witch hazel. Shake and spray away!


Add 15 drops of peppermint oil to 300mls of water in a spray bottle. Spray around affected areas and entry points of the house. Tea tree oil and be effective with spiders also!


Add 5 drops of arborvitae essential oil, 10 drops of Terraarmour Outdoor Blend and 1 tablespoon of witch hazel to a spray bottle and top up with water. Shake and spray all over your body!

Not only are these recipes great for the home, but they’re great to take camping, hiking, or even on a sunset walk. Enjoy your summer without the threat of the nasty critters! If you have any further recipes you’ve tried, let me know!

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