The Real Truth About Network Marketing

Right from the outset, let me be completely transparent… I LOVE network marketing!

When it’s done well…

And when it adds value to the lives of everyone involved:

  • the individual selling an awesome product that they truly believe in
  • the consumer who invests in a great product that enriches their lives
  • the producers of the product
  • the company creating the opportunity and product.

Then, I love it!!!

I know… there’s a lot of myths flying round, about:

  • what it is
  • what it isn’t
  • horrible scammy gimmicks
  • and so on

And it gets really confusing, and more than a little scary

So, let’s jump in, and set a few things straight…

What GOOD network marketing is NOT?

Network marketing is NOT about tricking your friends and relatives into parting with money, buying crap, or chasing them endlessly until they stop answering your calls, and they’re always out when you pop round to visit!

Network marketing is also NOT a ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’.

And it isn’t based on luck! But requires consistent work and effort, following tried and tested principles.

NOR is it a scam.

OR a pyramid scheme!

A pyramid scheme––illegal in Australia and many other places in the world––is a system where people make money purely by recruiting other people (who have to part with their money to buy into the scheme) to join their network. There’s no product being sold in a pyramid scheme, it’s all about money changing hands.

And for someone to make money, someone else has to lose it!

Yuck! And illegal.

In pyramid schemes, people at the top get rich, and the rest don’t!

What GOOD network marketing IS?

Network marketing provides the opportunity for everyday people––like you and me––to build a profitable business, selling real and valuable products, at a fair price.


Yes, BUT…

Over the years, I’ve heard it ALL.

Of course, there are scams out there, but it honestly makes me so sad when all network marketing get tarred with the same brush as those dodgy ones… and even worse, with pyramid schemes!

Here’s just some of the concerns I’ve heard people say:

  • Only the people at the top make good money (check out the video above at 6 minutes for this one!)
  • It doesn’t work for most people
  • Nobody will want to be my friend if I tell them what I’m doing, they’ll think I’m always trying to sell them something!

My genuine, real-life experience with network marketing

(First-off, I genuinely feel honoured to work selling the incredible doTERRA essential oils, and that’s where my experience of network marketing lies.)

Have you ever discovered something, and told someone else about it, because you think they would like it or need it in their life too?

Yes? Well, that’s pretty much the basis of network marketing! You told someone in your network about something you loved, because you thought it might be a good idea for them to try it.

(And that’s been going on for a really long time!)

I’ve created an info booklet that you can access here with detailed info about my experience with network marketing so far.


I discovered the oils, used them, loved and benefited from them, and I shared them with others. All long before I ever thought about the business opportunity.

But I was also in a place in my life where I wanted out of the corporate world, and I wanted to be at home with my new baby. And I needed money too.

Network marketing was a good fit for me, and because I already loved the oils, building a network marketing business with doTERRA made perfect sense!

A good network marketing business must compensate the representatives well. And doTERRA has a fantastic compensation plan. You can see more details here (check out page 10 onwards)

People get really nervous around the topic of money – making a lot, not making a lot, etc. etc.

With network marketing, yes, of course, people can make a lot of money…

But unlike the pyramid schemes that people are rightly terrified of, the people making a lot of money in network marketing are not necessarily the people at the ‘top’ of the network.

The people who are very successful with doTERRA are those who are working consistently, following the principles that work, sharing the oils, teaching classes, educating, supporting, empowering, and building. And helping the people in their network to build their own businesses. I win as my team wins… how cool is that?

How network marketing has benefited me?

This is such a big question, too big to answer briefly, so I will simply give you a list of objective bullet points (in no particular order!), BUT please knowthat this has been completely life-changing, personally transforming, and I have never regretted my decision to forge ahead with it.

  • I learnt how to run a business. I changed, grew, and got bolder
  • I stopped relying on someone else to pay me
  • We paid off our credit card debt
  • I get to be home with my son
  • I get to design my life
  • I get to travel a lot, with my husband and my son
  • We are building financial freedom
  • Long ago I exceeded my corporate monthly wage

Why network marketing with doTERRA works (in my opinion)

  • They have awesome products that add very real value to the people using them
  • Efficient processes that are clearly laid out and taught
  • Processes that mean I succeed as my network succeeds, and that requires me to step up, empower, educate, inspire, create, love and support others
  • I am supported by others whose networks I’m a part of
  • Everyone wins… the producers of the oils (the farmers, the harvesters, the distillers), the wellness advocates (representatives), the consumer, doTERRA
  • The oils are so amazing they practically sell themselves, no yucky selling is required
  • No forced monthly reordering for customers, so people are not, and don’t feel, pressured into buying

I wanted to write this post to share the truth with you about the positive potential network marketing offers. I hope I’ve done that.

Also check out the link to Robert Kiyosaki’s video (Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) Why Network Marketing is the Right Choice if you haven’t already. It’s very helpful.

And if you get excited about helping others, want to make a positive impact in the world, and are interested in the doTERRA business opportunity, you can find more on joining the Healthy Happy Life Tribe here.

Let me know in the comments below any thoughts or questions you have about this. I’d love to hear x


P.S. If you would like to try our beautiful essential oils and would like more information, click here.


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