First Attempt

Originally published 27/09/2013

For months I have been attempting to write my first blog post. Yes, no joke months!

Why you ask? Because as per usual I have been trying to get everything perfect, too perfect! So perfect that I couldn’t bear to publish my numerous drafts for fear of it not being good enough.

How ridiculous! so here I go finally putting pen to paper (or more accurately fingers to keyboard) finally getting the courage to start without caring whether it is perfect or not, my only aim is that it is authentic and most of all a part of me.

My name is Amy I am 26 years old, I’m engaged to the love of my life Chris and we have 2 furbabies (our beloved staffies) Richter and Tahlee. Life feels good.

I am currently studying to be a qualified holistic health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition which is based in New York via distance education. This works perfectly for me as I currently work full-time for a publishing company. I am passionate about helping people improve their own health and when I qualify I hope to help people with full-time coaching.

Health is important to me, it always has been a huge interest of mine, I love cooking and experimenting with good wholesome foods. For years I played soccer and I am very passionate about snowboarding. As a teenager I had terrible trouble with my hormones which had caused endometriosis, bouts of depression and anxiety. You would often find me curled up with a book about the latest nutrition theories and forcing my mum to buy loads of salmon,  linseed or whatever was the latest ‘fix’.  I guess looking back I was always on the hunt to better myself, and to try new things to improve my issues.

Don’t get me wrong I know I’m not the perfect picture of health and I don’t pretend to be, there was a time when it wasn’t odd to see me at the local Macdonald’s munching down a cheeseburger, in an attempt to fix my hangover from the big drinking session I had the night before. I also struggled with a smoking addiction and from time to time I still crave the occasional cigarette. I actually drink very rarely now and if I do it’s a glass or 2 of red and am feeling much better for it.

I guess that is all part of my journey, trying to work out what works for me and what doesn’t. Living healthy for me is much easier now especially now that I realise just how important it is to be conscious about exercising and also what I put into my belly and just what a devastating effect it can have on me if I don’t. I’m very interested in the compelling link’s to gut bacteria and mental health. One reason I started looking into this is because if I eat any amount of white pasta or white rice I become extremely agitated and anxious so I steer very clear.

My goal is to now get as healthy as I possibly can mentally and physically. I want to enjoy life to the absolute fullest and share my stories along the way.


Amy x

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