Why DIY is amazing!!

How many of you hate using oven cleaner?

Need to make sure all the windows and doors open when cleaning the bathroom?

You buy a new beauty or make up product and you are so excited to try only to react to it?

Your skin is left feeling dried out and irritated.

The short answer is…..those products are so filled with nasties and shouldn’t be going anywhere near the largest organ of your body.

The Skin.

I love DIY for these fab reasons…

? It’s just simple. Nothing complicated. No stress.

? Most things have a multipurpose, when you stock up on bicarb soda, coconut oil, essential oils and Castile soap, all these things can be used for various things.

? Less Waste and gentler on the environment

? Cost Effective (I save SO MUCH money)

? Great gifts ideas

? Safer!! This is a game changer.

In my home we DIY

+ Bathroom cleaner

+ Babywipes

+ Perfumes

+ Oven cleaner

+ Glass cleaner

+ Toilet cleaner

+ Degreaser

+ Air freshener

+ Dishwashing tablets

+ Laundry soap

+ Face serum

+ Hair care

+ Kids bath and body wash

and majority of our first aid it all natural, DIY or essential oils.

The fact I don’t need to worry about the kids being around when I a cleaning, or if Lacie gets into my beauty cabinet hehe. Some may roll their eyes and the thought of DIY, but its such a way of life that is enjoyable, satisfying and has saved my bank account.

If you need help in these areas and do not know where to begin head over to my shop tab and I recommend either the home essentials kit of Natures solutions kit as the perfect first step and I will guide you how to make each and every one of these in your home.

I look forward to supporting your journey x

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