Do you understand doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)? I break it down REALLY SIMPLY.

doTERRA appreciate the great work their Wellness Advocates put in and the loyalty of the Wholesale Customers. Which is why they show they value their members by trying to reward them wherever they can. The Loyalty Rewards Program gives back to members by receiving discounts, product points, free products and many more!

When registered for the Loyalty Rewards Program, you will receive:

  • 25% discount off the retail price
  • 10-30% back in free product credits
  • Further discounts on popular products
  • Free product of the month
  • Free product credits for shipping costs
  • If your team is structured appropriately, then a 150PV+ order will give you a power of three bonus, which is important if you are building your business

Each time you order over 50PV (Personal Volume), you receive free product credits for monthly purchases ordered. You can use these credits as cash to buy more doTERRA products! The longer you participate; the more credits you’re able to earn.

If you’re buying 1-2 oils per month, the LRP is the best way to buy. Otherwise you’ll miss out on all of the amazing benefits.


  • You will receive up to 30% of the PV value of your monthly order
  • Use your credits as cash to purchase more products
  • You’re able to update your order as many times as you wish
  • If you maintain a 50PV order per month, you’re qualified for rewards points and to increase your percentage level
  • You will still maintain your points with as little as 5PV

So don’t miss out! Register as a member now and see what the fuss is about.

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