Why personal development is so important, and my fave ways to sneak it in!

Personal development is a never ending process. We are continuously changing, growing and learning new things about ourselves every day. Engaging in new experiences, challenges, people, jobs and environments has assisted me greatly in improving myself and my prospects in life.

While growing my business and raising my son, I found making the effort to set time aside for myself was vastly important when it came to developing my personal vision and building my confidence.

Although the benefits of personal development are nearly never ending! Here are a few I found within myself.


Provides a clear vision for our future! Personal development allows us to precisely envision where we want to go and set goals accordingly.

Hidden Talents:

Personal developments allow us to discover talents that were so obvious before. By extending our comfort zone, we make room for new skills and abilities to shine!


Whether you work for yourself or have a long line of bosses, your work life will benefit from your personal development by you pushing yourself to reach your goals and objectives. You will also inspire your colleagues or staff to work harder and develop their own skills, and in turn, benefit the business. It’s a win-win!


Being the driver of your own learning is emotionally rewarding. Let’s feel proud of ourselves for pushing our personal boundaries!

A few ways I love to sneak in personal development day to day is podcasts, books and online courses. Taking time for yourself and trying to learn something new everyday

Whether you’re on your way to work or cooking dinner for the family, podcasts are a great way to absorb the knowledge whilst getting stuff done! “The Lavendaire Lifestyle” is a podcast about being your best self and creating the life you want. Aileen Xu speaks for twenty minutes and releases a new podcast every Sunday, so you have something to look forward to at the end of your week!

The books “Choose Yourself! Be Happy, Make Millions, Live the Dream” by James Altucher and “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Dr Norman Vincent Peale are great books to get you in the right mind-set and beginning to make choice that are right for you.

If you’re after an oil blend to help you out with overcoming emotional blocks and moving forward, Helichrysum and Frankincense are your best friends!

Finding time to fit in personal development can be difficult, but it is so important, not only for us, but for our family and friends. The happiness we gain from developing our skills and simply becoming better versions of provides us with more energy to give to others and strengthen our relationships with those around us

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