Disconnecting to reconnect

When was the last time you fully disconnected to reconnect with yourself and be present in the moment as life happens?Ā  Ā 

Firstly I 100% recommend doing this regularly. It was so good to switch off. I originally set the goal for 2 weeks and it was interesting to notice that it took a few days for my mind to stop absently searching for the app on my phone.

2 weeks then became a month! #purebliss

I noticed how busy my life was even without social media and wondered how I actually even had time to fit it in šŸ˜³

Five thoughts I had that I thought I would share with you to ponder: 
āœØ Isn’t it strange that it’s become normal to peek into other peoples lives. Ask yourself, do you really need to know what that person who you went to school with is getting up to on a particular day? And how strange it is that it’s become a habit of needing to tell the world moment to moment activities 
āœØ How much energy does it take to continually have access to external noise/news that doesn’t directly impact you
āœØ How easy it is to get so caught up in seeing what others are up to that it destroys the ability for presence and connection in your own life
āœØ How often do you see things that trigger you, but it’s like a drug and keeps you coming back?
āœØ Do you ever wonder about the impact social media has on the younger generations? What they see online and also that they are surrounded by adults who are on their phones all the time. They are now seeing this as the normal and eventually following suit.

If you decide to try doing the same you may find it helps you with the following:
šŸ’– You will have more presence in your day
šŸ’– You will feel less rushed
šŸ’– You may find you have a higher tolerance to cope with things that happen day to day
šŸ’– Your brain will feel clearer
šŸ’– You will feel happier and be able to focus more on you without comparing yourself to others
šŸ’– You will sleep better
šŸ’– You will have the ability to connect more to the real world and work out what’s truly important to you

Moving forward I’m definitely going to be more conscious on how I spend my time on the old Instagram, you may see me a lot less, but you will know that when I do show up I am showing up to help you and be present in that moment of connection ā¤ļø

Who can relate and wants to give this a go? Or if you have tried this already, what stood out most for you? ā˜€ļø I would love for you to connect with me and share!

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