7 Essential Oils that Men Love

Essential oils have so much to offer men, and many oils have both the masculine fragrances AND the properties to help support their health and wellness.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the essential oils with manly aromas, from single oils to a DIY blend or two.

Black pepper

Black pepper essential oil has a spicy, woody aroma popular with men.

Its properties:

  • support his body when faced with environmental and seasonal threats
  • help to support healthy digestion
  • create a warm sensation when applied topically, making it a perfect essential oil for a soothing and relaxing massage (dilute a few drops in a carrier oil)
  • help to relieve his anxious feelings and promote grounded, calm feelings at the end of a stressful day. This calming property is further enhanced when combined with juniper berry and cedarwood oils
  • can help provide a quick pick-me-up for the afternoon  
  • the warming sensation can even help keep his feet warm on a cold day by topical application of a diluted drop to them

For warm, masculine aromas black pepper oil combines well with rosemary, cardamom, marjoram, rose, and lavender essential oils.


Cedarwood has a woody aroma, and can be used help maintain energy and vitality while working out, exercising, and physical work by massaging a few drops diluted in a carrier oil onto the chest area.

And at the end of a long day, combine it with a carrier oil to create a relaxing, grounding massage oil, with additional properties supporting healthy-looking skin.


Patchouli has an earthy aroma, and

  • helps to promote healthy-looking skin
  • helps to relieve anxious feelings
  • promotes feelings of rest and calm, helping to set the stage for a good night’s sleep
  • has mood lifting properties as well as…
  • being used as an aphrodisiac  


Famous for its innumerable beneficial properties and a top selling oil, lavender cares not whether you are male or female!

Included in its beneficial properties that men will love, are:

  • calming and soothing properties, perfect for setting you up for a good night’s sleep
  • helps to soothe anxious feelings and occasional feelings of nervous tension
  • can also be used for soothing the skin and reducing the appearance of skin imperfections


Peppermint is another top favourite oil with many beneficial properties including:

  • energising – if he needs help staying awake during long boring meetings, this is the oil for him. Either inhale from the bottle for quick pick-me-up, or apply to the skin, particularly the temples or neck
  • supportive of a healthy digestive system
  • supportive of a healthy respiratory system  
  • often used in mouth care preparations for fresh, clean breath


Frank has a myriad of beneficial properties, let’s just call out two…

  • grounding mood-lifter  
  • promotes healthy, vibrant-looking skin


Clove is a soothing, calming oil, with aphrodisiacal properties.

DIY Blend for Masculine Fragrance

Vetiver (calming, grounding properties) combines well with the following essential oils for masculine fragrances combined with the health supporting benefits––and no toxic nasties so often found in commercial fragrances:

  • Sandalwood
  • Black pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • Cedarwood

Which particular essential oils and combos have you found to be most popular with men?


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