Healing Hands Foundation – The Gift of Rose Oil Lotion and Hope Oil

For me, belonging to something bigger than what I see has become valuable and vital.

I didn’t know it until I got involved and started finding out about the humanitarian work that doTERRA do… But as I learnt more, it grew increasingly important and inspirational to me.

Watching the video ‘Co-Impact Sourcing of Ylang Ylang from Madagascar, I felt a connection to women around the world seeking to provide for their families, just as I, and many of you do.

I’ve spoken recently here about Co-Impact Sourcing and how incredible that is. Today I want to mention two other ways the doTERRA give back to the world through the Healing Hands Foundation:

  1. Rose Oil Lotion – an incredible 193,333 rose petals are needed for 5mls of rose essential oil, so it’s valuable and rare. Rose Oil Lotion was chosen to be a donation product by the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation – meaning that all proceeds from its sale go directly into the humanitarian work of the foundation.
  2. Hope Oil, a beautiful blend in high demand – all proceeds from its sales go directly to the work of OUR Rescue, see below.

The Hope Oil blend was initially manufactured for one of the partners of the Healing Hands Foundation, Operation Underground Railroad (OUR Rescue) which rescues children globally from slavery and sex trafficking. It was originally created for the workers to give to at-risk children and it had a special label that peeled back providing hotline phone numbers for the children to call for help.

Hope Oil blend is now also available for general sale with the full purchase price going to the work of OUR Rescue.

Knowing things like this about doTERRA makes me proud, honoured, and humbled to work alongside them.

In addition of all the work the Healing Hands Foundation does, they also invite their wellness advocates to request help from the foundation for any projects or services that line up with its mission statement and core values, which they are personally connected to.

If you would like to get involved and to become a part of the Healthy Happy Life Tribe, check out www.healthybellyhappymind.com/essential-oils/ for more information.


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