8 Top Essential Oils for Sleep

A lack of sleep can feel like torture can’t it!

Any new mum will tell you that it’s one of the biggest challenges with a little one––doing life with little sleep.

But what about other seasons of our lives when we have the opportunity to sleep but for one reason or another we struggle to drift off. Or we get to sleep only to wake up frequently and early, unable to drift back off!

There’s so much we still don’t know about how sleep works but we do know it’s vital to our wellbeing.

So I love that these gorgeous essential oils can gently and effectively help us to rest, unwind, and help promote a good night’s sleep.

Let’s take a look at eight top oils each with wonderful relaxing properties that support us in our quest for a good night’s sleep.


This hugely popular essential oil with famously renowned calming properties is perfect for helping you unwind and sleep.

Try adding to a relaxing bath before bed or diffuse. Or apply a drop to the soles of your feet, or on your bedding so the aroma gently relaxes you.


This incredibly versatile essential oil––Frankincense––can help promote feelings of peace and relaxation. The chemical makeup and the resulting aroma of frankincense produces benefits which can help if you’re feeling stressed and/or negative. It also supports to reduce anxious feelings and switch off a racing mind.

Try applying frankincense to the bottom of your feet, popping a drop under your tongue or diffuse.


One of my go-to oils for emotional, anxious feelings and stress, bergamot is super helpful and uplifting.

I diffuse this oil but it also makes a beautiful stress-relieving massage oil when diluted in a carrier oil.

Also try adding a few drops to your shower gel while you’re in the shower, and enjoy the calming aroma while benefitting from the skin purifying benefits.

It can be applied to the soles of your feet before bedtime to help you drift off to sleep.

As it is a photosensitive oil don’t use bergamot in the morning before going out in the sun, or ensure the area is covered with your clothes.


Helps to promote a grounded, enhanced, and balanced mood. It’s also used for beautification so having a drop or two in your bath with some fractionated coconut oil can feel like such a treat.

Try diffusing, or applying a few drops to the back of your neck at bedtime to help you unwind.


Vetiver oil aroma is used for its calming, grounding effect.

Inhalation or diffusing the oil work beautifully. Or alternatively try a warm bath with a few drops of vetiver in, how gorgeously relaxing after a long day just before bed.

Or you can try rubbing a drop or two of vetiver oil on the bottom of your feet.


Cedarwood is another oil used for its properties which promote feelings of being grounded, helping to balance emotions, all perfect at the end of the day.

Try using in a diffuser, or a drop on the soles of your feet.


Patchouli’s properties include: calming, relaxing, grounding, and helping to balance emotions and mood.

Try diffusing or topically (one or two drops to your neck or temples).

You can combine it with vetiver oil and apply to the soles of your feet for a gorgeously relaxing blend.


Calming marjoram helps to reduce feelings of stress, and promote relaxation.


Let me know in the comments below how you get on with these suggested oils… which ones help you the most?


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