How are you feeling? Essential oils to help mood

When I first discovered essential oils I was so excited to find they actually did help to support my mood and emotions.

And this became one of my top reasons for working with doTERRA – Experiencing these benefits made me passionate to share the essential oils with others, and I love hearing about others’ positive experiences.

In this post I’ll look at certain essential oils known to be beneficial for mood and emotional support, and the specific difficulties they may help, like anxious feelings – one of my main challenges. And blends which can be even more effective.

Below you’ll see a list various feelings, followed by suggested essential oils that you can try blending together, along with some quick information about their individual properties.

I hope this makes it easier to know which oils to try using in relation to how you’re feeling. I would love you to share in the comments below how essential oils have helped you in this way, we can all learn from each other.

If you’re feeling…


Try diffusing doTERRA Peace (3 drops), juniper (2 drops) and lemon (3 drops)
Individual properties:

  • doTERRA Peace – a beautiful blend, which can be diffused or applied topically when diluted, to help calm anxious feelings, promoting peace and feelings of reassurance
  • Juniper – known for its calming effect; can be helpful when experiencing feelings of fear, agitation and disappointment
  • Lemon – is known for its invigorating and refreshing qualities which help to lift mood and feel refreshed


Try diffusing bergamot (2 drops), frankincense (2 drops) and Elevation doTERRA blend (2 drops)

  • Bergamot – a lovely oil which is so helpful when dealing with anxious feelings and your emotions need a lift. Really helpful when you are feeling hard on yourself, and need to be more accepting and kind to yourself! I love this one
  • Frankincense – has many properties including helping to promote feelings of wellness and peace. It can be particularly supportive when experiencing feelings of agitation, anxiety, panic and restlessness, and other negative emotions
  • Elevation – this blend helps to lift mood, feelings of confidence and energy


Try diffusing lavender (3 drops), lime (3 drops), spearmint (1 drop).
Properties of the individual oils:

  • Lavender – relaxing and calming; helps with feelings of grief, restlessness and sadness
  • Lime – helps to lift mood and energise
  • Spearmint – helps to lift mood


Try diffusing juniper berry (2 drops), wild orange (4 drops) and grapefruit (4 drops)
Individual properties:

  • Juniper berry – as above
  • Wild orange – helps to lift mood, increase concentration, and support when feeling anxious or sad
  • Grapefruit – helps to lift mood


Try diffusing patchouli (3 drops) and bergamot (3 drops)
Individual properties:

  • Patchouli – helps to ground and balance emotions
  • Bergamot – as above

As women our emotional health is really critical to daily life, and I have found essential oils to be helpful for this.

I hope this post encourages you and helps to get you started if you are not yet using essential oils in this way.

I would love to hear about how they have helped you deal with feeling and emotions, please let us all know in the comments below about your experiences so we can support each other.


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