Most commonly used essential oils for weight loss

We all know that creating healthier eating and lifestyle patterns can be key when we want to lose some weight. But did you know that certain essential oils can give an extra boost to your efforts and progress in numerous ways? And without the nasty additives found in many slimming aids.

Let’s look at a few key essential oils that can support weight management plans.

Grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger and cinnamon essential oils are blended together to help support weight management in the Smart and Sassy Metabolic blend from doTERRA.

In this post we’ll look at the properties of some of the individual oils used to make up Smart and Sassy to see what they each contribute, and also the wonderful Bergamot and Fennel.

While Smart and Sassy is a blend, please note that the oils can also be used individually.
And that also each oil has benefits and properties beyond supporting weight loss so they can be used for other issues and can help more than one at a time. Yay!


Grapefruit supports healthy metabolism and helps to suppress appetite. It contains D-limonene which is believed to encourage the body to break down fats and proteins, and also nootkatone, which helps the body to burn fat. Grapefruit essential oil helps to lift mood which can be very important when working towards a weight loss goal.


Lemon helps to support healthy digestion, and control appetite. As with grapefruit its high D-limonene levels help promote fat burning. It also helps to boost mood and raise energy levels, which can be great when you need that extra bit to get exercising.


Peppermint essential oil is a highly popular oil. It has a reputation for helping with digestive issues because of the high menthol content. Inhalation of the oil alone can help to reduce hunger feelings and cravings. And as with the above mentioned oils, peppermint helps to lift our mood.


Cinnamon oil can help improve blood sugar levels and support healthy metabolism. Other useful benefits when losing weight include its detoxifying properties, and that it can boost energy and self-image.


Bergamot is one of my favourite oils for emotional stress and anxious feelings!
The mood enhancing oils can be so helpful if you find yourself reaching for food as a comfort or a pick-me-up, which is incredibly common.
Bergamot supports hormonal balance which can help to reduce fat storage resulting from hormonal imbalance. But Bergamot also contains polyphenols, also present in green tea, which help the body to burn fats and sugars. And it has metabolism boosting properties.


Fennel smells like licorice. It helps improve digestion, increase metabolism and reduce appetite all supportive of weight loss efforts. But here’s one extra property… because it contains melatonin it assists with sleeping through the night and so can be helpful if you are in the habit of waking in the middle of the night and grabbing a snack.

I would love to know which ones you have tried either individually or in combinations, maybe the ‘Smart and Sassy’ blend, and what your experiences were with them. Let me know in the comments below ❤️

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  • Great list of oils for weight loss Amy.

    I have always been a great fan of fennel. It is such a great ingredient for weight loss in any of its forms.

    November 6, 2017
  • I use Cinnamon!
    Amazing post, thanks for sharing

    January 17, 2018

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