12 Steps to Better Health

Here is a super quick and helpful tool to help you identify any areas of your life which may be need attention to help reduce STRESS.

We know stress can be a major contributor to poor health so working to reduce it can be incredibly powerful in a multitude of ways.

A few guidelines with this tool

  1. Different seasons of life = Different priorities… that’s completely normal.
  2. You won’t feel completely satisfied in all or even most areas, so don’t feel like you have scored poorly…
  3. This is simply a tool to gather info on what areas might need some work. We will all have those areas…
  4. The areas are interconnected so as you work to increase the satisfaction in one you may find others improve too.

Simply reflect on each of the 12 areas and think through how satisfied/dissatisfied you feel with each.

You can give each a score on a scale of 1-10 if you want (1– thoroughly fed-up in area, 10 – blissfully happy in it!)


It goes without saying that when our health is suffering so are we.

Physical exercise

Our bodies do well when we exercise them, AND release those precious endorphins which make us feel so good!
With so many ways to be active, try to choose something you enjoy.

Home cooking

This need not be overly complicated but fresh food, including lots of veggies, unprocessed and organic where possible is a fabulous way to support our health.

Home environment

Everything to do with home, where you live, are you stressed about clutter, space, noise…


All relationships, whether close or more distant, have the potential to bring great joy and stress.

Social Life

Sometimes this can take a hit, maybe when we are setting up a business, just had a new baby…


Joy is deeper than happiness which fluctuates on a moment by moment basis.
If this is low in your life try brainstorming things you LOVE to do, that bring you joy/peace and begin adding some in more regularly.


What do you believe? Do you have a faith?


What outlet do you have for your creativity? We often don’t even consider this when life becomes busy.


This can be a biggie.


Is this going well? Are you doing what you feel satisfied doing?


Are you feeling like this is important but not being met? This may not be a priority at certain times of your life… for example, if you have just had a new baby! And remember that is fine.

What to do next

  1. From the areas where you feel less satisfied, choose one or two which are priorities to you at the moment and brainstorm ways to increase your satisfaction.
  2. Outline a few achievable actions steps you can reasonably take.
  3. Write them down and put them somewhere you will see them so you remember to do them.


If you have any thoughts or questions please pop them in the comments below, and if you would like to share your action steps or goals please let us know… We would love to hear and we can inspire each other.

And remember this is about REDUCING stress, so don’t let your goals stress you out…

We are all a work in process x

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