3 Simple Steps to Get Started on Improving Your Health

Starting on a journey to change anything can be very daunting. As human beings, we really do resist change. My change in relationship with my health happened very organically, starting off with really small simple changes. I think this is the key to changing your habits, starting off with things that are easily achievable, and building on them very gradually. Trying to eat well, eat organically, exercise enough and eliminate toxins from your life all at once just sounds exhausting writing it down! I’ve kept my simple steps to help you to just three, and I urge you to just start with one, and then add another once you have the first really cemented in your life.

  1. Eat Well with Simple Substitutes
    Instead of trying to overhaul the type of food you eat, start with just making some simple substitutes. This way your meals can stay the same, you are just swapping out some of the ingredients for healthier alternatives. For example, try swapping cow’s milk to a nut milk, or white bread for spelt or sourdough. I have a whole list of substitutes in my ebook for more inspiration!
  1. Water, Water, Water
    You don’t need me to tell you how important water is and how much your body systems require it. But really making a conscious effort to increase your daily water intake can have huge benefits to your health. Simply always ensure you have a water bottle handy and you can add fresh fruit for added taste if you need to change it up! Don’t forget other liquids to count towards your water intake such as herbal teas.
  1. Eliminate Toxins
    This is a good one. Toxins in your body can create havoc with your hormones and overload your livers, possibly creating many problems. Simply trying to avoid putting toxins into your body, onto your skin and breathing them in can improve your health significantly. Opt for organic make-up and skin products where possible, and the same with your fresh fruit and veggies. Replacing any household chemicals is a big one, and homemade essential oil recipes will easily live up to the task of cleaning your home. If you want some more ideas on this, check out my Introduction to Oils eBook.

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