7 Shortcuts to a Healthy Family Holiday

I’ve spent the last few weeks travelling with my husband and our one year old son through Fiji, and now various states in Australia. It’s not always easy travelling with young kids, and it can be hard to maintain the healthy lifestyle we usually live at home. Today I wanted to share my 7 shortcuts to maintaining our family’s healthy lifestyle when we’re on the road – you can always stay healthy, even when it seems hard to do so.

1. Research, research, research.
It’s really important to do a bit of research before you travel. Find out what’s around like healthy local cafes, or local supermarkets. Doing some of this research before you travel will help you decide the best areas to stay, and save you a lot of stress when your on your holiday.

2. Stay somewhere with the right amenities.
When travelling, we always try and stay in an apartment of with kitchen facilities – it’s a must with a young baby. This allows to you make your meals and snacks without having to eat out for every meal. More flexibility for yourself will allow you to make better choices.

3. Go shopping.
Stock up on supplies from a local supermarket; fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks. This way you will always have some healthy options on hand instead of eating out at restaurants or cafes that don’t always have the most healthy snacks or meals.

4. Don’t forget about water.
When we’re travelling, our routines generally go out the window. And while that’s OK, it’s important not to forget about your water intake. Make sure you still keep on water bottle on your to ensure you and the family are drinking enough! Especially in hot, humid locations where you can lose water fairly quickly.

5. Choose the right foods.
It’s inevitable that you will eat out on a holiday – that’s what holidays are for! When you do though, it’s important to try and still choose the right foods. Opt for freshly cooked foods, rather than take away or foods that may have been sitting around a while.

6. Use your oils.
Of course, my doTERRA oils come with me when we are travelling. They have some amazing benefits for our family while travelling. We use Oregano and OnGuard for the immune boosting and protective benefits (particularly before a flight), DigestZen to help alleviate any tummy issues, plus Balance and Lavender to keep everyone calm. I expand more on my favourite oils to travel with here.

7. Ditch technology.
My last family travelling tip really involves just being present. If you can, try and take time away from technology so that includes social media, your iPhone and your laptop. Instead, use the extra time to relax, connect and rejuvenate with your family. Enjoy the dedicated family time you have and really be present.

Do you have any other traveling tips? I would love to hear them! Leave a comment below or jump on over to the discussion on my Facebook page.

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