All Natural Mould Destoyer

How cool is this! Last week I decided to try and clean the mould that was growing on my bathroom ceiling.

It has been a very cold winter and our bathroom has suffered from mould BIG TIME!

As I’m pregnant I try to use all natural products to clean our home… I made up this recipe and it worked so well!

What you need:

6drops of doterra lemon essential oil. 6drops of doterra clove essential oil.   2 cups of good quality vinegar.
Mix ingredients together in a spray bottle, shake and spray affected area liberally then wipe off with a cloth.

Lemon oil is fantastic to use as an all round natural cleaning product and Clove oil is known to prevent mould growth! How cool is that!?.

(Please note you cannot use clove oil when pregnant- I was lucky enough to have my lovely mum help me to do it while I was cleaning other parts of the house)

The room will be a bit smelly for a few hours but just open all your windows and doors and air the room out.

If you would like more info on how you can get your hands on these nifty little oils, please don’t hesitate to send me an email [email protected] xx

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