Becoming conscious of you inner dialogue.

Have you been talking to yourself?

You know that little voice in your head.

Maybe they’re reminding you something or maybe that aren’t being very nice. Having internal dialounge is part of what makes us human. But how we pay attention to it is what changes things.

What you are thinking, the language you are using can affect your whole mood, self esteem, and self worth.

If can be helpful though once you learn how to manage it.

? Becoming more aware. Meditation can help you become more aware or even asking yourself “I wonder what my next thought will be”

? Change it for the better. Change any negative thought into a positive. Literally reword it so that its the opposite of what you are thinking

? Try to live in the present as much as possible. We often live in the past and live with the “what ifs”. When we are focusing on the current time we are learning to silence these thoughts and replace them with the now.

? Always be practicing gratitude. When we feel we are always in abundance we don’t come from a place of lack. Then there is no question of wanting more or less.

Like any mindset exercise, it takes time and practice. We have to learn, and control our inner dialogue which is no small task. It will come with its challenges but it will get easier.

And if you have days where you struggle even when you are a pro at this, know that is absolutely OK. Don’t beat yourself up, recognise it and move on. It gets easier.

Amy xx

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