We all have those inner battles within us that we let take over.

Do you often feel out of control?

Your mind is so busy and you just wish you could shut it off?

Do you often feel stuck or frustrated?

It’s time to become more aware of what you are allowing into your life. There are so many fab tools that can assist with this but one of my favourites is mindfulness.

If we move through the day with open awareness of the many good things around us we correct the brain’s built in negativity bias. -DR RICK HANSON

Mindfulness if a great tool to practice this, gain awareness of where you are and what you are allowing to happen.

Establish a healthy relationship with your inner thoughts. Always keep in mind YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS. When you notice something coming up, ask yourself “do you believe these thoughts to be true?” And then toss negativity away.

Decide on your next step. You have the luxury of choice and you can control what you do next. You can choose what habits you want to cultivate and which you want to throw out the door.

These steps can be used in any aspect of your life, home, family, self worth and business. It can take practice but once you make the choice and continue taking steps in the right direction you will notice your life falling into the place that you are desiring.

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