5 Toxins To Eliminate From Your Home

If you read your food labels than I highly recommend that you also start reading your product labels. There are SO MANY chemicals that we should be eliminating from our homes.

Companies are also guilty of hiding what’s really in their products by using loopholes or by claiming that something is “natural” or “organic”.

I get that it can be overwhelming when you are starting this journey. I felt exactly the same, but I don’t regret for a second doing my researching and knowing what I know now.

I am sharing 5 toxins that you can start eliminating from your home. These are in our everyday household products. From cleaning, skincare, makeup to baby products.

This isn’t an intensive list, but I believe it’s a fab start into your journey of eliminating the shit.

Make sure you also check out my latest FB video https://fb.watch/2PAO4bbAjL/ where I talk more about some steps to start making changes and some of the things I have done to reduce toxic chemical exposure.

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