A ‘win-win-win’ situation!

‘It’s like a win-win-win situation’, George, a vetiver partner from Haiti, said in the video ‘Co-Impact Sourcing: Lifting Communities’.

I’d love to invite you to spend just 5 minutes watching it. It’s incredibly heartwarming and inspiring.

His comment made me stop and think… did he mean win-win? (He was, after all, speaking beautiful English, which is not the main language of Haiti – French is).  

Or could co-impact sourcing really be a win-win-win situation? Something I hadn’t heard of before.

And I‘ve decided he’s absolutely right. What do you think?

The way I see it, co-impact sourcing incredibly creates three wins…

  1. doTERRA win by continuing to create top quality essential oils and grow their business as demand rises – which it is, rapidly around the world, as people realise the benefits of the oils
  2. consumers win, benefitting from the beautiful oils and their properties
  3. the farmers, pickers, distillers, and whole communities win when their lives are radically impacted.

I get so excited when I consider the far-reaching benefits of both using doTERRA products, and now working with them. Every drop each of us uses is producing benefits on so many levels.

I love that the people in vetiver growing community in Haiti (considered to be the poorest country in the Western hemisphere) now have

  • clean running water instead of having to walk 1½-2 hours to collect dirty water
  • a co-op developed to help them work to their potential
  • long-term jobs, contracts and fair pay
  • an extension and upgrade to their local school which is under construction, with new furniture and toilets, for the 132 students

Schools get built, and medical clinics and supplies made available where needed within the communities partnering with doTERRA. Emergency equipment and shelter after disasters, and so much more.

And it can be really uplifting, knowing that using doTERRA products the impact goes a lot further – way beyond you simply buying a bottle of essential oil and reaping those benefits.

If you would like more information, or to get involved and become part of the Healthy Happy Life Tribe, check out www.healthybellyhappymind.com/essential-oils/.

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