Episode 103: Charlie Brown - Redefining Motherhood

Episode 103: Redefining Motherhood

Today, I had the chance to speak to my beautiful friend Charlie Brown. Charlie is a motherhood coach, yoga teacher, course creator, writer and – most importantly – mother to 3 boys. She’s extremely passionate about changing the way motherhood is viewed in the modern world.

Charlie shared with me that she and her husband have recently sold their home and all their possessions, and are currently travelling around Australia. The catalyst for this change was a position she found herself in where she felt extreme discomfort in her current state and knew she wasn’t being the ideal mother and wife she wanted to be. She said since selling up the majority of their possessions and businesses, she hasn’t looked back and strongly believes it was the best choice she could have made for her family. Charlie emphasised that she wanted to break a perpetual cycle of trying to fulfil every role for too many people.

We then spoke about how Charlie began her journey of helping new mums through motherhood, and she shared that she believed it would be a new beginning for herself, but it was actually a role she had been undertaking for years via her yoga teachings and the step felt like a natural progression. She found that there was a lack of open and honest support for women to have help and assistance navigating the loss of identity which can come with motherhood. We spoke about the concept of “matrescence”, meaning the transition into motherhood where a woman undergoes a physical, mental and spiritual change.

Charlie said that she felt as if mothers in society today are undervalued and underappreciated and that the mums she speaks to don’t feel valued, as there is no monetary gain from their role in the public. She explains that she strongly feels that it is important for mums to advocate for themselves, and it’s important women are content with the choices they make for themselves and their families without feeling the need to explain or justify their decisions.

Finally, Charlie shared her advice for new mums, and how to support a new mum who may be struggling. She said it’s crucial that it’s known that if they’re struggling with certain aspects it’s not their fault and it’s their truth, and if it’s a friend then let them speak and be heard. In a time when “everyone is an expert” it’s easy for external forces to interfere with our inner compass, but it’s important to do our best to remain true to our beliefs and thoughts

Thank you, Charlie, for this honest and valuable conversation! 


About Charlie Brown

First & foremost, Charlie is a human, a woman, a mother, and “often a walking contradiction succeeding and failing in equal measure almost all of the time”. Charlie considers herself a spiritual realist, passionate about changing the way we view and experience motherhood in the modern world.
A motherhood coach, yoga teacher, course creator, CTC master therapist, and writer, Charlie is also a mother to 3 boys. She no longer subscribes to the “bullshit narrative” that to be a good woman, a good wife or a good mother you have to give ALL of yourself to the point of depletion. As she says, “I have literally drowned at times trying to be all things to all people all of the time resulting in a complete disconnect that drastically impacted my physical, mental & emotional well-being”.
And so Charlie is here to rewrite these old narratives and co-create new ones. Here to inspire, empower and support you, the MOTHER. You deserve to thrive in health, in life, in business, and in motherhood. You are NOT here to be another burnt-out mama – it serves no one, least of all you, your family or your purpose. 
Charlie believes it’s important to remind all mothers that the feminine is powerful, that rest is productive, and that together we can change the way we see and experience motherhood for ourselves and future generations. 


What You’ll Learn

What “matrescence” is, and how it affects a new mother

The importance of seeking support as a new mother

The need for mothers to advocate for their role in society

How mothers can overcome the “inner split”

Overcoming the preconceived rules and ideas of motherhood that we have for ourselves


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