Episode 102: Lower your toxin exposure with essential oils

Recently I asked the question on my social media if there was an interest in learning in more detail about how essential oils can support you to uplevel your life. Due to the overwhelming amount of requests, welcome to the first mini-episode in this series which focuses on essential oils. Going forward I will be creating both short episodes and longer educational episodes to help you and your family.

As this is our first mini-episode, I would like to quickly dive into how essential oils can support your journey with lowering toxins in your life. 

People often assume that essential oils are basically something that makes a house smell good but in actual fact, they are actually a really powerful tool to have in your home due to their wide range of versatile uses.

How can you tell if your essential oils are pure?

Before you buy essential oils, do a little research to find out how essential oil companies source, produce and test their oils. 

Here are a few questions to ask during your research:

  • Plant quality: Does the company use high-quality plants to produce their essential oils? Are the plants grown in the right conditions with the right farming practices?
  • Production practices: Does the company have safety procedures in place to guard against contamination during the production process? Are oils adulterated or are synthetic fillers added to cut costs?
  • Testing methods: Does the company test each batch of essential oil? Is impartial, third-party testing used? Are test results available to the public? 
  • Storage and handling: Are the oils carefully processed, packaged, and stored to avoid chemical alterations caused by exposure to heat or light? (Amber bottles are typically the best option for essential oil storage).

This is why I choose to use doTERRA essential oils. Not only are they sourced sustainably but each batch is tested for purity and potency and to ensure that each bottle of essential oil is pure and free from contaminants or synthetic fillers, the doTERRA process includes a rigorous examination of every batch of oil, along with third-party testing to guarantee transparency. 

So why are high-quality essential oils such an amazing tool for lowering toxins in your home?

  • It’s an easy tool to help you make simple effective swaps;
  • if you are looking to save money, it opens up cost-saving options for DIY cleaning products for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and personal care products, obviously, there are loads of low tox products you can buy but they are often quite costly so once you have the knowledge on what essential oils can help you switch it just makes the whole process easier; and
  • you know exactly what is in the products you are creating if you choose to DIY (DIY is not essential for everything you swap but it does help to keep costs down).

The thing is though with the journey to reducing toxins in your home, you don’t need to do it solo. I have literally dedicated my entire career to helping families make healthier choices and I am here to support you too! I hope you enjoyed our first essential oil mini-episode. If there is a particular question you have or an oil you want to learn more about, drop us a message via email or on Instagram – details below under resources. 


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