Eileen Durfee on Healing Yourself from Toxins

Episode 101: Healing Yourself from Toxins

I had the pleasure of speaking with Eileen Durfee, a former nuclear power plant employee who became unwell after chemical exposure. We chatted about her journey of overcoming her own issues, and how this led her down the path of becoming an inventor and entrepreneur, helping thousands of other people around the world enjoy a better quality of life in the process.

Eileen shared that from a young age she was always in varying degrees of pain, to what she called “structural issues” with large growth spurts and being involved in a car accident she says that there was always some form of pain to deal with. When she was 17, she came across a chiropractor who taught her specialized exercises to assist with some of the issues she was dealing with, which temporarily helped, but at age 20 had a silver amalgam filling which unleashed a barrage of other health conditions including psoriasis, allergies, anxiety and panic attacks. She says traditional doctors would offer temporary solutions, but nothing was sustainable in the long term.   

Eileen explained that she had an underlying feeling that her body had its own capability to heal itself, so began exploring ways in which she could ease her symptoms and pain. She ate a paleo diet, tried colonic cleansing, and began educating herself on ways she could develop a more in-tune relationship with her body. Eileen found herself particularly drawn to “gizmos” such as multiple wave oscillators and infrared saunas, where she could experience relief but not have to ingest medication.

Eileen shared that she began studying near-infrared light, and its benefits and effects whilst being used in a sauna. She wasn’t satisfied with what was currently on the market but growing up with a family who were creative and “handy” afforded her the opportunity to devise the concept of what she wanted to create, and build it herself. Eileen spoke about how saunas have always been known as excellent ways to eliminate toxins from the body, and explained the phenomenal difference in her well-being that she noticed when she began using a near-infrared light sauna daily. Eileen has now developed her own convertible sauna tent, constructed with nontoxic polymers and other organic materials.

Thank you for the enlightening and insightful chat, Eileen!


About Eileen Durfee

Eileen Durfee is a health pioneer, businesswoman and innovator who has reinvented a way to distribute natural healing products to protect others from toxicity. 

Eileen is a former nuclear power plant engineer who became sick due to chemical exposure. She suffered from chronic pain, allergies, Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism, and lack of energy. These symptoms were the result of her body not eliminating the toxins to which she was regularly exposed.  She tried a variety of medications, diets, therapies, and more, to help recover her health. On a quest to heal her body, she engineered solutions with her vast knowledge and experience to help others. Her journey to overcome her own health issues led her to become an inventor and businesswoman.

She founded her own health company, Creatrix Solutions LLC, to create and distribute natural healing products worldwide. Through online web stores, she offers a variety of health solutions, including spinal fitness equipment, near-infrared saunas, air purifiers, ozone generators, and healing food salts, as well as provides consultation as a Practitioner in Nutritional Balancing Science. Eileen has an understanding of toxic home and work environments and knows firsthand what it is like to suffer as the result. Her experience continues to motivate her to create the best possible health solutions to protect family, friends, and consumers from our toxic world. Eileen has been featured on major media outlets, including ABC, NBC and CBS, to share her knowledge about the spinal fitness revolution.


What You’ll Learn

The different types of sauna lights, and which is best for your overall health

What a lab hair analysis is, and the benefits of doing one regularly

The importance of an intuitive and holistic approach to your own health and body

Air purifiers: what to avoid and what’s best for you

Ways to deal with omnipresent toxins in our surroundings


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