Episode One Hundred: Strength Training as a New Mum

In Episode 100, I spoke with the lovely Jo Northwood. Jo has an Honors Degree in Sports Therapy, Strength Training and Personal Training certificates, and is currently studying for her master’s in Nutrition. She specializes in female fitness, specifically in helping those who are struggling with their bodies and energy levels postpartum and are wishing to incorporate strength training into their routines.

Jo shared with me that she was introduced to strength training in her early 20s by an ex-partner, and taught the benefits of building muscle, active recovery, and tracking macronutrients. She found this to be a game-changer and hugely beneficial for her health, as prior to this she was always a “cardio girl” whose main goal was burning calories on the treadmill. She found her way into Olympic lifting and CrossFit and was thriving. Jo explained that she believed many young women were intimidated by strength training, as they were unsure where to start, found it overwhelming, and were put off by the fear of “getting bulky”.

After becoming a mum herself, Jo found that she began to understand more the role that hormones, diet and proper rest played in recovery for women and other mums, and could relate to the struggles of those in similar situations who were balancing parenting and training. She spoke about the stress mums often put themselves under to return to exercise quickly, and how involvement in HIIT training, running or other high-cardio exercises can be potentially damaging. She explained that for a new mum who is already experiencing stress and anxiety, adding in a spike of cortisol due to a high-intensity workout can result in a detrimental effect on the thyroid and metabolism.

We then spoke about postpartum depression and anxiety, which can be heightened by metabolism, thyroid and hormone imbalances. Jo explained that the group fitness classes that she runs are planned to ensure a safe and effective workout, as well as to foster a sense of community and a safe environment which can help to alleviate PPD feelings.

To hear more training, diet and lifestyle gems from Jo, tune in to Episode 100 now!


About Jo Northwood

Having worked in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years now, Jo found herself being pulled to work with women who are just like you and me. She specialises in female fitness, specifically for people who may be feeling a bit lost with their bodies, are struggling with exercise and energy levels, and need some guidance on how to move forward incorporating it into their life. 

After working as a strength coach in the UK and Bali for many years, Jo moved to Australia 7 years ago and quickly became head trainer at a female-only studio in Bondi, Sydney. Her real passion lies in understanding the benefits of incorporating more strength-based training into women’s lives to enable them to reduce pain, build confidence, increase muscle mass for hormone health, metabolic care, and the accessibility of this training to fit with busy family life.  

She understands that exercise needs to leave you feeling energised, happy, and strong… and not leave you feeling exhausted, sore and tired. Jo achieves this through smart strength programming, functional movements, and workouts that can be adjusted in intensity to suit your current energy levels. 

Jo currently lives on the south coast of NSW and is a mum of 2. 

Jo thrives on helping women and mums nourish their bodies through functional strength training and eating real foods.


What You’ll Learn

Benefits of strength training for women

The importance of active recovery, and being in tune with our body’s needs when it comes to our training routine

How excessive cardio training can cause internal stress and a spike in cortisol, and the detrimental effect this can have on our bodies

Exercise as a form of pain management

How to maintain a healthy metabolism, and metabolic markers to look out for


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