Episode Ninety-Nine: Self-Aware Success Strategies for Parents

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak with Dr L. Carol Scott, an inspiring #1 International Bestselling Amazon author, TEDx speaker, success coach and trauma-informed developmental psychologist.

First, we spoke about infant/childhood development, and the concept that our brains are wired after we are born as opposed to in utero. Dr Scott explained that our brains contain loose neurons that are not yet connected, and sensory experiences we have after birth are what end up wiring them and this happens significantly during the first seven years of life. She spoke about the potential pressure this can apply to parents, but that “it’s ok to be a good enough parent”, and that, even if patterns of positive parenting are interrupted, if children are not exposed to consistent adverse experiences this is not necessarily too late for a “development do-over”.

Dr Scott then spoke about SASS, aka “Self-Aware Success Strategies”. She explained that trust, independence and faith are the heart of who we are and if we possess these 3 strategies, we will be successful in our adult relationships. She discussed the progression of children as they grow, become self-aware and begin to figure out where they fit in the world and the tools they use to try to achieve this, and as a parent how we can help facilitate this journey via support and not a hindrance.

Finally, we discussed self-awareness as an adult. Dr Scott theorized that lack of self-awareness may stem from the approach of our Western education system, where we are often encouraged to look for someone else to blame for our feelings or choices. She believes recovery from this mindset involves introspection, taking a look at ourselves and understanding our own agency and acknowledging that we all have a choice in how we behave.

Thank you, Dr Scott, for this fascinating conversation! To hear more, listen to Episode 99 now!


About Dr L. Carol Scott

Dr L. Carol Scott is a trauma-informed developmental psychologist, TEDx speaker, coach, and #1 International Best-Selling author. Carol brings the SASS—Self-Aware Success Strategies to help you get along better on the adult playgrounds where you play.

Carol knows that your success today is determined by your first seven years of life. And she also knows that it’s never too late for Development Do-Overs. As her coaching client, you bring your unique goals for success, and she pulls out the SASS you need to achieve them. Together, you repattern how you operate in every relationship at the heart of your success.

Also a nationally respected thought leader in early care and education (ECE), Carol is the former president of the board for Child Care Aware® of America, and the ECE System Integration Consultant for Early Care Plus, a public benefit technology company revolutionizing access for all parents and caregivers to the ecosystem of ECE services.


What You’ll Learn

How a child’s brain is wired after birth, specifically during the first seven years of life

Self-Aware Success Strategies

How to correctly support your child to “use their voice”

Importance of slowing down to your child’s speed

How adversity in childhood can manifest itself into illness in adulthood


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