Episode Ninety-Seven: Laura Corcoran on The Journey of Healing

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Laura Corcoran, a holistic psychologist who believes healing from trauma requires a mixed approach. She specializes in Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Imprinting, Holotropic Breathwork and Reiki. Laura’s primary work is with clients who are unravelling harmful beliefs from their past and supporting them in tackling their fear and harnessing their true potential for their future.

Laura shared that from a young age she was very empathetic and attentive, and had a natural skill of holding herself open to others and always had plans of becoming a psychologist. She completed her degree and then had a job working in QLD Health, prisons, and with those suffering from addiction and mental health issues. As her career progressed, she found that she still had a sense that something was missing and there was more she believed she could do for her patients in addition to talk therapy.

She began further researching trauma, became extremely passionate about the topic and uncovered that trauma is stored at a cellular level in our bodies. She posed the question to herself, “if it’s stored in our bodies, how can we take it out?” She felt it was damaging to continuously rehash upsetting topics as the trauma often intensified. Laura found herself intuitively guided into bodywork and wanted to figure out an effective way to help others remove trauma through these means.

18 months ago, she decided to forge her own path and start her own practice where she now utilizes tools such as Reiki, Breath Work and Emotional Freedom Technique, a method based on the premise that tapping the body can create a balance in our energy systems and treat pain. She explained that the benefit of EFT is that patients don’t need to delve back into harmful specific details of the trauma, but progress can still occur.

We then spoke about how to cope with patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us, and Laura shared the importance of obtaining a conscious awareness of ourselves. She says that we need to be able to tap into our subconscious and catch a triggering thought or feeling as it occurs and ask ourselves why we are feeling a certain way or what is causing it. Taking ownership of our thoughts and feelings and doing our best to avoid projecting on to others is paramount, and can be uncomfortable at first but is rewarding when we begin to break the cycle she explained.

Finally, we chatted about empowerment and the notion of getting to choose who we want to be. Laura explained that we don’t have to stick to who we once were and can move forward to a higher version of ourselves where standards are put in place and we are aware of the treatment we deserve from others.

Thank you for this insightful and wonderful chat, Laura!

About Laura Corcoran

Laura is a traditionally-trained Psychologist, working across a broad range of areas over the last fifteen years. Through this journey, she became particularly passionate about trauma and how to resolve this so it no longer caused ongoing suffering. From here, she was intuitively guided to energy work and breathwork to support the release of emotions from the body, so that the logical mind can function more effectively, and so we can live more consciously throughout our lives.

Stepping away from her government-based roles almost two years ago, Laura began on her path as a Holistic Psychologist. She has transformed hundreds of lives since this time, and believes that we are our own self-healers; with the right guidance and tools, we can create our own identities, and live more fulfilling lives.

Laura is qualified in Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting, Holotropic Breathwork, and Reiki.

What You’ll Learn

The way that trauma can be stored at a cellular level in our bodies and the implications of this

What Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is, and how it may be beneficial to you

How Matrix Reimprinting is a powerful technique used to connect with and amend past traumas, by connecting with our inner child

The importance of being in touch with our subconscious

How to navigate letting go of External Validation and People Pleasing tendencies

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