Episode Ninety-Six: Julie Rennie on Returning Yourself to Love

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking to best-selling author and wellbeing coach Julie Rennie. She shared with me her belief that love and its associated energy is intrinsically linked to our mental well-being and internal balance.

Julie spoke about a past experience she had, where she found herself in a situation falling deeply in love, that felt truly unconditional. Unfortunately, life got in the way but love still remained and Julie had a realization that the greatest love that she could experience is the love that she gave out, as opposed to receiving. Pain was still present, but this began her on a journey to chase that high level of unconditional love again. This was when the realization occurred to her that love is an energy, and not necessarily restricted to a romantic relationship.

Julie explained that she sees her work as a deep dive into pulling out what she calls “burdens in your soul”. She says that our soul is a version of us at a higher dimension of love, and our thoughts and perspectives can often get in the way of listening to instincts. We can either allow ourselves to churn over pain for years, or find a way to revert our inner energy back to love for each and every moment.

We moved on to the concept of “triggers”, and Julie used an interesting metaphor of a department store. For example, if we are to experience physical hurt then that can be found in one department (in this case the ground floor). Feelings can be found on the middle floor, and thoughts are on the top floor. She explained that people may try to analyse a reaction to a situation, but may be looking for the cause in the wrong department. Pain in particular she believes can manifest itself in little pockets of energy, which can be stuck in the body and hang around even after an event is over.

Julie then spoke about the concept of cleaning up energy. She expressed how essential this is, and, for her personally, she likes to imagine a harmful or negative thought simply leaving her mind. Julie explained that for this practice to be efficient, we have to talk to a negative thought lovingly, be open to letting it out and do our best to find love within little pockets of darkness.

Finally, Julie shared with us the self-love webinar that she runs weekly, and the journal that she has created with thought-provoking prompts to maximize an introspective self-reflective experience.

About Julie Rennie

Julie Rennie is an author of best-selling mind-body-spirit books. Her signature transformative style will leave you thinking about the changes you would like to make that will fill your consciousness with love and purpose. Through her inspiring workshops and courses, she shows just how easy it is to change lifelong patterns and live a loving and healthy life.


What You’ll Learn

The integral link between our soul and love

Triggers, what they mean and how to address them

The importance of “cleaning up your energy”

How to stay true to our instincts

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