Episode Ninety-Five: Kristy Renae Obst on Normalizing Vulnerability and Stepping into Yourself

In this episode, I’m joined by Professional MMA fighter and Performance & Lifestyle Consultant Kristy Renae Obst, who discusses her passion for helping women create the life of their dreams.

Kristy shares with me her journey from starting as a hairdresser in her early 20s, where she found herself partying often and existing in a generally unhealthy state, both physically and mentally. She recounts a pivotal negative experience one night that propelled her to make a series of changes, where she found herself training at a gym, quitting hairdressing, and studying at the CHEK Institute to become a PT. Kristy detailed that this also fostered a passion for holistic healing and health interests in her life, which she believed had always been present in her in some capacity.

We discussed the notion of vulnerability and its perception within today’s society. Kristy shared an interesting revelation that she had during her MMA career, where she felt fearful, scared, and shut down in certain areas of her life and that becoming a fighter had become her protection mechanism. When she felt she was most courageous was in moments of vulnerability.

Her view is that in the human psyche of today, vulnerability or strong emotions are viewed as a weakness or burden. She stressed the importance of learning to share and harness them in a helpful and meaningful way, for the benefit of both internal peace and so that they are not able to manifest themselves in physical ways. 

She then spoke about a prevalent issue that many of her clients face; being unsure of what they truly want out of life. Kristy discussed how during our upbringing, we are generally taught conditional love and this can skew our perception of our own genuine wants and desires. She shared a favourite quote of hers from Brené Brown – “true belonging is belonging to ourselves first”.

We talked about breaking free from inner harmful chatter, and the importance of being kind to yourself, in addition to catching negative thoughts early and surrounding yourself with a good support system. Kristy stated that anyone you’re comparing yourself to on social media has been on a journey too, and when you start your own journey, you won’t want to look back.

About Kristy Renae Obst

Kristy Renae Obst, aka “The Confidence Queen”, is a self-love and leadership expert for big-hearted soulful women that wish to breakthrough personal limits and powerfully create a life that they are in love with

Kristy uses her Limitless Living Method that combines her 10 years of experience to take a holistic mind, body, and spirit approach to lasting confidence and self-love for women to have the relationship, life, and business of their dreams! 

Kristy’s personal transformation began when she let go of the story of selfishness and disempowerment and chose to leave a toxic relationship, stressful and unfulfilling work environment and follow her heart’s calling to become a professional MMA fighter whilst continuing her work in empowering women to go for their dreams and live a healthy life. She healed from chronic fatigue, body dysmorphia, met her soul mate Ryan, and they decided to sell everything they had to move countries and live their dream life.

Now Kristy is based in Bali, with a 6 figure business, undefeated professional MMA record, incredible relationship and lifestyle, over Kristy’s she has met many challenges and has overcome them as a result has developed grounded leadership skills while embodying her divine masculine and feminine energy to live life in a balanced, healthy, and impactful way.

Kristy’s unique approach is grounded in her commitment to work with the leading institutions from around the world, including Chek institute, Aksha institute of embodied leadership, and path of the one heart school

She HAS ignited a movement with an ambitious goal to see 500,000 women embody their Limitless Empowered Self, becoming a new earth leader and making a powerful and positive difference in their lives and the world around them by 2030.

What You’ll Learn

The benefits of facing vulnerability head on

“Collective feminine woundings” and what this means for our present selves

How to peel back the layers and find out what you truly want in your own life

The importance of supporting yourself with a tribe of people who live in possibility

Masculine and feminine energy, and how it impacts you

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