Episode Ninety-Three: Amy Molloy on Using your Toughest Moments to Empower Other People

In this episode, I’m joined by Amy Molloy, an award-winning journalist, editor, author, and mentor where we talk about her journey in turning her toughest moments and memories into tools to empower others.

Amy shared that she had been documenting her life and experiences for over 10 years when she utilized journaling as a tool to help cope with traumatic events in her life. When her father was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 17 and her husband passed away from Stage 5 cancer at age 23, journals became a source of therapy for her which eventually became published books. Ever since then, she has been on a journey to help guide others in processing their trauma and the various unpleasant feelings surrounding it.     

Amy explained that when she found herself widowed at age 23, she found that she couldn’t relate to any of the books or supportive material on the subject of grief. This inspired her even further to share her story, as she found it to be a cathartic process which also presented opportunities to have discussions with others, who though their stories were slightly different, had found comfort in her publications knowing that they were not alone.

We also discussed some of the difficulties that come with sharing painful stories, and Amy believes that it’s crucial to “write from the wounds and edit from scars”. Self-preservation in story-telling is important and she strives to help others by sharing her experiences but also emphasizes that it’s important to figure out what it is you’re sharing and why.

Amy also touched on her spiritual healing journey, and how it has been an important part of her growth and development since she was young. Akashic Records, she explained, is a “metaphorical library” and an internal record of everything we have seen and done in this life and previous ones. Amy is passionate about this form of healing and aims to empower her clients to tap into this knowledge and eventually become self-sufficient in accessing this form of internal guidance. Visit Amy’s website for more details on the services she has to offer and to learn about her published books.

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About Amy Molloy

Amy Molloy is a journalist, editor and award-winning author who produces uplifting content for the biggest names in global publishing. Previously editor of Grazia magazine and Collective Hub, she has built a reputation on telling the truth about recovery — and how to find hope after trauma.

The author of the memoir, Wife Interrupted and the sell-out self-help guide, The World is a Nice Place, Amy specialises in ‘storytelling for healing’ — how to use your toughest memories to empower other people.

She is the creator of the award-winning children’s book, How to Recycle Your Feelings. Her latest offering, The Book Writing Remedy is a book writing course, which helps people to process personal experiences — and sell them.

Currently, she is the writer behind The Space — a mindfulness podcast produced by NOVA Entertainment, which has had over 2 million downloads.

Amy is now working on the TV adaption of Wife Interrupted, which was bought by a production company during the pandemic. She is also a certified Akashic Record Reader. Never heard of it? There’s a lot to talk about!


What You’ll Learn

The benefits behind documenting traumatic life experiences, not only for oneself but as a tool for bonding with others

How assigning meaning to grief can assist in the healing process

How different the journey of writing a book can vary between individuals

What Akashic Records are and their benefits


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Links & Resources

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Amy’s Website

Instagram: @Amy_molloy

Additional resources as recommended by Amy Molly…

Amy’s Book – Wife, Interrupted 

Amy’s Course – The Book Writing Remedy 

Eckhart Tolle Book – The Power of Now

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Instagram @amyinneshealth

Facebook @amyinneshealth

Uplevel your life community Facebook group 


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