Episode Ninety: Avoiding red flags in the food industry

In this episode Jacqui Pypers joins me in discussing her no BS approach to leading a healthier, and therefore happier, lifestyle. Jacqui recounts her journey to becoming the accomplished clinical nutritionist she is, and talks about the confusion around what is taught to be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to eat and drink in the food industry.

We discuss the red flags with the marketing and food corporations, and how the focus seems to be on the profit margins rather than the consumers health.

“Your gut isn’t Las Vegas, what happens in the gut doesn’t stay in the gut”

Jacqui states that our gut has a link to every physical health issue. It has a connection to things like inflammation, and anything that happens in our bodies.

We talk through things to avoid and/or make a bee-line towards in your closest supermarkets, the main thing to avoid being vegetable oils and processed foods.

Vegetable oils have only recently been introduced into our diets, Jacqui explains. The issue with these types of oil, and therefore the products that they’re put into, is in the actual processing of it. The chemicals added and the byproducts of the process all are bad for our health, which makes products that contain these oils bad for our health too. Jacqui suggests using butter, ghee or animal fat in place of vegetable and seed oils wherever you can.

Also in this podcast we talk through saturated fats and cholesterol, and whether these are actually as bad for you as they say, and suggestions for prep or on-the-go food that ensures you’re still staying true to your new years resolution.

Jacqui explains what fortified or enriched foods are, states her thoughts on fake meat alternatives, and a way to explore restrictive eating in a healthy way.

She also gives some tips on getting started on the healthy eating path, for example being aware of your surroundings and, more importantly, your support system when going on this potentially challenging journey.

Want to learn more? Listen to this podcast now to get your healthy eating journey started.


About Jacqui Pypers

Jacquie is a Sunshine Coast-based Accredited Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc Nut Med), author, health blogger, gym junkie, beach lover and massive foodie.  

Her passion for nutrition started when she decided to take control of her own health during her own personal health struggles, going through her own battle with an eating disorder, acne, and gut issues. During this time she realised the power nutrition had in healing the body, mind, and soul but also realised how much misinformation there was in the health space which led her to study nutrition science in depth.

With the knowledge she now has, she wants to educate and empower her followers and clients so that they can change their health.


What You’ll Learn

Gut health and its direct link to overall health

What we should be avoiding in the supermarkets

The issues with vegetable oils

About fortified or enriched foods

Tips to simplify the healthy eating process


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