Episode Eighty Nine: Sara Garofalo on Ayurveda and Weight Loss

Sara Garofalo joins me on this episode to talk about her intuitive health and life coach practice, helping women with weight gain through breaking unhealthy patterns, getting to the root cause, and using a sustainable and holistic approach to heal our past traumas.

Sara’s journey began from an early age. With a history of eating disorders, Sara decided to find a solution several years ago, where she fell in love with the practice of Ayurveda and gradually healed her relationship with food.

We discuss the impact diet trends and social media has on our relationship with our bodies and the way we perceive ourselves, and common mistakes we do to lose weight. Sara says not having regular meals, not drinking enough water, and working out too often are easy mistakes to make when trying to lose weight.

Sara talks through how much we can learn about ourselves through finding out our Ayurvedic constitution; made up out of Vata, Kapha and Pitta. We all have a unique ratio of the 3, and learning which are most dominant in us can tell us exactly the types of foods we should avoid, and which to incorporate more of in our lifestyle. Sara talks about how identifying our constitutions is a great way of teaching ourselves to accept our body the way it is, rather than comparing ourselves to other body types and punishing ourselves for not looking a certain way.

We discuss the role stress plays in weight loss, and how it puts our bodies in fight or flight. Fight or flight puts our body through stress too, resulting in making it difficult to digest foods and negatively impacting our metabolism.

In this episode we also go through mindsets surrounding food, different reasons for weight gain that you may not have thought about, healing processes, and suggestions on balancing our moods based on our constitutions.

Sara also emphasises that one of the most important things throughout weight loss journeys is learning to build our self-compassion.

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About Sara Garofalo

Sara Garofalo is a certified Intuitive Health and Life Coach & Certified Ayurveda Counselor, helping women to get to the root of the cause of their weight gain through a mind-body-soul transformation.

Thankful to her Italian upbringing, Sara’s healthy recipes carry the knowledge and taste of the original Italian cuisine, while her knowledge in Ayurveda brings a totally holistic approach to her coaching practice.  

Sara’s goal is to help women break unhealthy patterns and become more intuitive about their body through a sustainable holistic approach.

With her Intuitive Gifts and Healing sessions, Sara has been helping women heal from the deepest traumas and roadblocks stored in the body that are preventing women from becoming the healthiest version of themselves.


What You’ll Learn

Diet trends and their impact on our bodies, and our relationship with food

Ayurvedic constitutions, and how they can help us to eat right

Stress and weight loss

Tips on foods to eat or avoid based on your constitutions


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