Episode Eighty Seven: Melissa Cave on Motherhood

Melissa Cave joined me to talk about motherhood and how we can make our lives more authentic through being more intentional.

Melissa had everything figured out with her ‘template life plan’ – the job, the house, the husband – when one day she realised ‘now what?’. After realising she wanted more from life, she decided to hold herself accountable and make a change into a more minimalist lifestyle. Melissa and her husband learnt about how letting go can make room for what’s more important and make your life more intentional, and leapt in.

In this podcast we talk about how motherhood is perceived in the eye of society, and how this, often negative, view can seep into our beliefs as mothers. We talk through how we start learning before motherhood and grow up with this idea of how we ‘should’ be, so when we fall short of this impossibly high standard, we feel as though we’re bad mothers.

Melissa states that the biggest lie we tell ourselves as mothers, is that we have to do it a certain, perfect, way. We discuss challenging these beliefs and Melissa sheds some light on how we can unpack the negative feelings we have about our motherly abilities, for example doing a brain dump in order to see these beliefs in front of us. Visually seeing these (without judgment) quite often shows them in a different light and allows us to challenge them a lot easier.

We talk through topics like social media’s impact on how mother’s feel about themselves, how to ask for help when you really struggle with this, and how to make things a little more fun in motherhood. Letting go a little and finding little ways to have fun can make the biggest difference in your day, and how your kids see you, Melissa says.

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About Melissa Cave

Melissa Cave is a life coach who is passionate about intentional motherhood and creating generational change. After struggling through her own overwhelming journey of being pregnant for the first time, she discovered that society prescribes a set of unrealistic ideals that all moms are expected to strive for. This unnecessary pressure leads to emotional stress, burnout, and dissatisfaction with the motherhood experience.

Melissa believes it’s time to re-write these expectations and loves helping moms figure out what’s important to THEM. She teaches moms how to level up their motherhood mindset and let go of all the other outside noise. She believes that creating an authentic and meaningful motherhood experience is the key to enjoying this season of our lives.

Melissa is married to her high school sweetheart and together they’re raising two amazing kids. Her family’s motto is “presence over progress” and she’d, hands down, choose comfort over style any day.


What You’ll Learn

How a minimalist lifestyle can help you as a mother

How to challenge the way you think of yourself as a mother

How society and social media have really impacted a mothers’ view of herself

How to make things a little more fun in your day-to-day


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