Episode Eighty Six: Paul Thompson on The Barefoot Movement

Paul Thompson joins this episode and imparts his wisdom on the Barefoot Movement, walking in a way that supports your body, and all without the need of external, artificial supports like orthotics. Paul discusses his journey from traditional to a more modern Podiatry, where he went from questioning several methods in his training to using that curiosity in order to learn more about embracing the natural support that your feet can give you.

We discuss the Barefoot Movement, what it is, and how we can keep to this while still wearing shoes. Many people have thought this is an ‘all or nothing’ kind of approach, where wearing shoes is taboo, however Paul confirms it is doable to continue wearing shoes, as long as you wear the correct sorts of shoes and your feet have enough mobility, and we are improving our movement patterns so as to not wear your body out.

We talk about what is best for kids as they are growing, and Paul advises us to keep our kids out of shoes for as long as humanly possible, with a few recommendations of good alternatives where it cannot be helped, such as for school. Paul recommends Paper Crane and Vivo Barefoot to make sure our kids have the right kind of support throughout the day.

Paul also sheds some light on do’s and don’ts for us adults, from which type of shoes to wear, and which to avoid as much as possible, like heels.

The main message to take home is to try and dismantle the idea that we need shoes for the support. In many cases it’s the opposite! However before we bin all of our shoes, Paul recommends taking it step by step. Before changing your routine completely, put some work into resetting the muscles in your feet, so when you are ready to transition to barefoot or barefoot shoes, it’s a lot smoother.

Listen to this podcast now to learn more about what you can do to improve your movement and mobility.


About Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson, Podiatrist and advocate for a Barefoot lifestyle!

Paul is passionate about teaching you to build a body that supports itself and to increase efficiency and performance, reduce pain and injury, all whilst reducing the need for artificial supports such as orthotics.

Paul’s own personal experience with years in orthotics, injuries, and increasing pain through day-to-day activities, has lead him to successfully seek a better way of moving.

As well as being a qualified Podiatrist, Paul is also a certified Barefoot Trainer, Functional Movement Specialist and a qualified Pilates Instructor. He has been trained in dry needling techniques and mobilisation techniques, so I guess you could say he understands a thing or two about human walking patterns, foot posture and how to help you achieve functional barefoot greatness.


What You’ll Learn

Do’s and don’ts for wearing shoes

What we can do for our kids

Little things we can do in order to improve our walking

How to transition to the barefoot movement


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