Episode Eighty Five: Dr Shala Salem Talks Through Conventional and Natural Methods for Boosting Fertility

Dr Shala Salem joins me in this week’s podcast, to discuss her field of optimising fertility with conventional treatment combined with integrative and natural medicine practises. Dr Shala began on this path when she stumbled across a conference on integrative medicine after completing her residency training and realised she wanted to explore this further.

Dr Shala talks about her experiences of transforming her health with ways including addressing environmental toxins, and the impact they were having on her health. She went from dealing with intense stress, working too much, minimal sleeping and a poor diet, – and seeing the effects of this on her wellbeing – to thriving while eliminating all the toxins from her life.

In this podcast we discuss the worst contributors to fertility issues that are often overlooked, and when to get your first check up while dealing with these issues. Dr Salem advises that it’s “never too early to get the basics tested”, and to meet with a trusted doctor early on that will hear you and your goals to ensure you’re in good hands throughout your journey.

We also talk about the worst culprits in our environment such as BPA, and talk through alternatives of these products, like replacing plastics where possible with glass to avoid the risk completely or even researching the replacement to BPA in products to be aware of what you’re bringing into your home.

Dr Shala also shares some conventional methods for those who are struggling with fertility and food choices that promote overall good health, including a chat about supplements and when to use them.

Listen to this podcast now to learn more about what you can do to get ahead of any fertility problems.


About Dr Shala Salem

Dr. Shala Salem is an Integrative Gynecologist with over a decade of experience. She currently practices at Pacific Reproductive Center, in Southern California where she helps patients to optimize their fertility through modern conventional treatments, combined integrative medicine practices. Dr. Salem’s personal challenges with her own health and fertility led her to look beyond conventional medicine and pursue training in integrative medicine. She completed a fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona under Dr. Andrew Weil. This forever changed her treatment approach to fertility care. She now utilizes an integrative approach to fertility, which examines the areas of nutrition, mental health, environmental toxins, and mindfulness to help increase chances of conception and promote a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery.


What You’ll Learn

The worst contributors to fertility issues

When you should be involving your doctors

The impact of environmental toxins, such as BPA

Foods to eat (or avoid) for overall good health


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