Episode Eighty Four: Connecting your cyclical cycle with workouts

During this episode, I chat to Jenni about her personal cyclical cycle and how it plays out with her fitness routine. She talks about checking in daily with her body and asking herself what she needs today. Jenni shares how she plans her workouts on a monthly basis and how she works alongside the phases of her cycle. How much of a positive impact this creates in her overall life, health and wellness.  

Jenni talks about the fitness culture and how the overall messaging is very linear orientated, not focusing on the reflection and rest periods that are much needed for any workout routine. Jenni shares how your workouts change during your cycles and how you should be focusing your workouts on mental health, recovery, body awareness and healing.  She talks about how women can start reclaiming the power of their feminine physiology and living in harmony with the seasons and their bodies. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss ways to feel motivated about your workouts and creating harmony within your seasons. We talk about how you can start tuning into your bodies cues and rhythms through tracking cycles alongside our workouts. The different cycle phases that you can use and the four key shifts your body will make during the seasons. We chat about tips for tuning into how you are feeling, what you need and noticing different patterns within your body. 

Jenni shares ways to challenge yourself in workouts without feeling depleted by using the cycle phases and understanding that we can’t always be working at peak performance. Jenni offers so many powerful ways that we can start exercising with the seasons, cycles and how game-changing this can be for our overall wellbeing. 

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to connecting your cyclical cycle with workouts. 

About Jenni

Jenni Hulburt connects people with nature — for their well-being, the Earth, and this one WILD life. 

She has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Exercise Physiology and Sport Psychology, and is known for a fitness approach that’s cyclical, seasonal, sweaty, and soulful — teaching women through her online courses, how to workout with their feminine physiology so they can get better results without constant hustle, and embody what nature models – it’s not a sprint, but a cycle. 

Jenni has studied and taught others about aromatherapy for over a decade.  She’s also a steward of the land and founder of Forest & Flowers Retreat, a space for others to cultivate wellness with nature.  Guests can book an overnight stay at the Retreat House complete with amenities for a self-guided wellness retreat, host their own gathering, attend a botanical workshop, or purchase naturally grown specialty cut flowers to experience the beauty and healing essence of nature.

More info can be found through his website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

Connecting your cyclical cycle with workouts

Holistic benefits from working out 

Ways to tune into your bodies cues and rhythms

Tips for building motivation during workouts 

The key relationship between us and nature 

Listening to our bodies signs to live in harmony 

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