Episode Eighty One: Becoming a lightworker

During this episode, I chat to Tracey about her journey to becoming a lightworker and supporting lightworkers globally to live in alignment. She talks about her awakening journey that began eight years ago when she was studying at university and felt disconnected. She felt like she didn’t have anyone and had a niggling feeling around that she’s here to go big to be a speaker and leader. She had an energetic feeling that it wasn’t what she was meant to do and asked herself is this the best you have got. Which resulted in her awakening journey, rippling into self-development, changing environments, reading books and following the breadcrumbs that were laid out for her. She now teaches lightworkers globally to live in their energy. 

Tracey shares how she defines a lightworker, sensing things beyond the physical world, connecting to spirit, feeling into intuitive gifts, deep connection to self and feeling like you’re here for a reason and if you don’t honour your purpose you feel completely unaligned. Tracey talks about how lightwork isn’t about the label it’s about the energy you bring. How when you are in alignment with your gifts it vibrates from you to others. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss how to determine your gifts in this world and what you are here to do and why those things come naturally to you. We chat about how we can’t do everything. Our gifts are what makes us feel most like ourselves when doing them and how it’s those things that are easy for us to do. We discuss how our purpose is meant to be easy and fun, it’s not a forced action.  

Tracey shares how to be aware of your own BS and self-doubt and why it comes down to being aware of your ego and fear. Discovering that the voice in your head gets louder when you are getting closer to a breakthrough and understanding that we all have self-doubt. Tracey shares tips for believing in your vision, what you want to create and how to become aware of your ego and fear. 

Tracey opens up about her biggest lessons from running a business when becoming a mother. How she deeply activated what she wants to create for her family, holding onto a sense of purpose and realising how the responsibility gets bigger to support a family. Tracey shares tips around giving yourself grace in the integration and how things that are beautiful take time. Tracey shares how it makes you appreciate your business even more in those moments that you get to work on it and how she is a better mother when creating more time to spend on her business. Having the balance between creative expression, motherhood and moving into using pockets of power.

Listen in to this conversation episode now to begin your journey to becoming a lightworker.


About Tracey 

Tracey Spencer is an award-winning Life + Business Coach, Author, Speaker, and host of the Live Your Lightwork podcast.

Through 1:1 Business mentoring, Sistermind group coaching, her signature program Lightworkers Academy, sold out events and her book Rock Your Light: Lessons for lightworkers and spiritual straight-talk to make shit happen, Tracey has helped thousands of women rock their light by owning and using their creative and intuitive gifts to make an impact in the world. Known and loved for her no-BS approach, Trace will give you the permission and power to take bold action on the visions tapping you on the heart, and unapologetically go big with your lightwork.

More info can be found through her website and socials linked below.


What You’ll Learn

The definition of a lightworker and how to become one

Becoming aware of your own BS and self-doubt

How to determine your gifts

Biggest lessons from becoming a mother and running a business

How to get honest with yourself on what needs to go to create space

Tips if you are at max burnout stage 


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